Friday, 23 March 2012

There is Still no Cure for the Common Birthday*

Good afternoon Dear Friends!

Welcome once again to the study at Myrtle House which is in a bit of a flutter today as I prepare to disappear until tomorrow and am trying to get the old homestead in a suitable condition for Sister Cate who has very kindly once again agreed to dog-sit . . . 
I'm off once again on a flying visit via the vagaries of various rail networks to the rolling green and distinctly ovoid basket-of-eggs-topography of rural Cheese-shire for the miniest of breaks where I shall spend a delicious few hours at The Barn in Deer Crossing, my favourite retreat, and where I shall celebrate the fifty-second anniversary of my coming into being.

The photograph above is of a Snufkin's Hat bag full of goodies  - presented to me earlier in the week by the ever lovely and loving Sizzle Sisters Sandra and Sam  - which was choc - olate full of scrumptiousnesses designed to tempt even the jaded palette of one such as yours truly; it was received with gratefulness and glee, and a lovely sit down amongst the fripperies of their tres chic etablissement with tissane and biscuits dutifully ensued.

This morning I managed to squeeze in a quick Costa Call In with Sam Gecko who presented me with a most delightful little ornament for my wrist and had a lovely chat as always with Sharon and Vicky, long suffering purveyors of tea, cake and giggles . . . just as I was writing that I had a visit from my postman (Hello Gareth!) who popped a fistful of cards in through the door; a mad dash downstairs meant that I managed to retrieve them from the jaws of death - or Sal as she is also known - and was suitably impressed and overwhelmed by people's thoughtfulness - of which more in the next post.

Time really is of the essence now and I must away and turn down beds, sweep chimneys and get the gardener to rake the gravel for the arrival of my beloved sister shortly - not to mention that beastly business of packing, how do I manage without a valet?  Anyhow, soon I shall be on my way and enjoying, I hope, the journey as much as the destination. There is definitely something about sitting on railway stations in weather like this; the sunshine flooding in the now almost desolate halls that were the celebration of dreams in cast iron from the industrial revolution, the breeze teasing the weeds in the tracks and the prospect of sleepy miles ahead with a warm welcome at the end of it . . . ah me! 

Right!  To work! I hope you have a wonderful weekend whatever you are up to and that the sun shines into every corner of your life and illuminates it with love

'til next time

Be Seeing You !

*John Glenn, Astronaut, who was a friend's neighbour, and once sent me a postcard when I was about 10  which amazed and astounded me !


  1. Enjoy your birthday hun, glad we had time for tea and cake this morning!!!.
    see you sunday for more of the same xx

  2. Glad you enjoyed your basket of treats , have a fab weekend, see you soon . :)