Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Sisters are Different Flowers from the Same Garden

Good Evening My Dear Friends . . . 

 . . . it's a little before midnight on Monday and I'm sitting in the study at Myrtle House, tapping out a few words for a number of reasons and people . . .

First on the list is Sister Eileen who rarely appears in these pages but who is celebrating her birthday on Tuesday 6th; also she has recently gone on-line for the first time so this will hopefully be a nice surprise for her !  There may also be an opportunity for the Unholy Trinity of herself, Sister Cate and Yours Truly to join together in a cake-fest at Costa - one can but hope and dream! I shall have to alert the lovely Sharon and the Costa Crew to the impending devastation to their sweet trolley!

Next a couple of mentions to people who may think that they have been forgotten but who I can assure rest firmly in my thoughts at all times; I refer, of course, to The Sizzle Sisters Sam and Sandra at my favourite retail haunt where I am fed, watered and loaded down with books and love in equal part . . . as surrogate Aunts to Sal they fulfill an important role and fill full her tum with treats!

A little further afield and a good few degrees colder to our next mentionee . . . in an earlier blog I spoke of a wonderful first chapter of a book I had downloaded from Waterstones and simply had to go out and buy . . . this I duly did and have now finished and reviewed it and have absolutely no hesitation whatsoever in recommending it to you.  The book in question is The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey whose website you can find here and blog here and who seems loveliness itself! I should point out that the cover you see here is not the one you will see in the UK but I rather liked it - I presume it's the American edition.

And now another recent discovery from the Twitterverse: any of you poor unfortunates who suffered my ravings on FissBok or whatever it was called will recall that my avatar was a small velvety creature named Moomin; I have been a huge fan of their creator Tove Jannson for more years than either I, or my Ancestors who live under the sink, can or care to remember . . .
Anyhow, I have stumbled across a fellow Moomin fanatic - in fact she makes me seem positively restrained!  She is known as Moomin_Mania and her Tumblr site which displays all things Moomin in every know format is available here it is well-worth a look although it is perhaps advisable to give your credit cards to a responsible adult first.

Finally I want to plug a new story which appeared to me this week.  It came about as I was reading Writing Magazine and saw an item about Knitting magazine wanting articles . . . I'm not quite sure why this triggered off a burst of creative energy but it did and the result is a (I think) quite funny short story about an event that occurred in my childhood and which has, of course, scarred me permanently . . . well, not really, but it did make me laugh to remember it.  As with all these ditties I promise this one will be available on the currently stagnant but soon to be revived Myrtle House site in the very near future.

Goodness me, look at the time!  It is just past midnight and my work here is done . . . so to the small baby who was born in Kendel St, not a million miles away from the study where I now sit, I shall say once again Have A Really Happy Birthday Eileen  - I'm sure the rest of you will all join in with your own felicitations in your own way.

And so until we meet here again I shall wish you a wonderful week, full to the brim with all the usual amounts of love and laughter.

'til next time

Be Seeing You !

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