Thursday, 1 March 2012

Media Vita in Morte Sumus

Good Evening Dear Friends!

I know; I am indeed guilty of spoiling you and laying before your ever-ravenous eyes another fabulous feast of words and pictures but I've had such a nice, relaxing and sunny day that I thought I must share at least a little of it with you . . . hence the croci pic to the left, snapped as Sal and I meandered through Mesnes Park in the late afternoon sunshine. On at least two occasions today I heard it remarked how much better a little bit of sunshine makes one feel - and it's certainly true in my particular case!

As well as being St David's Day and  - to some, including myself, a tad more importantly - World Book Day, it was of course a Thursday which meant a meet up with Sister Cate in our usual  rendezvous Costa . . . however, today was an occasion tinged with sadness as I solemnly ate the very last piece of Walnut and Coffee Cake - ever! I am reliably informed by the lovely manager Sharon that hence forth I will be expected to consume carrot cake . . . I am in the process of convincing myself that it will in fact contribute to my healthy eating regime which - as anyone who has managed to glimpse my sylph-like figure as I float ethereally around the town - is so far having really positive results . . . well, at least the diuretic effects of Green Tea keep me on my toes - although a demonstration of my famous wriggle dance* attracted the attention, admiration and, it has to be said, hoots of derision of two young ladies as Cate and I made our way for the second time to the watering hole; a bit rich I thought since the  ladies in question had been responsible for selling me the first batch of tea in the first place!

As is often the case, amid the general pleasantness of such a golden afternoon, there was a genuinely sad moment when I learned that the mother of my close friend and business partner had chosen the last minutes of last night to slip away; she had been seriously ill for a while and had, perhaps, grown tired of the struggle.  My thoughts and love go out to the family with the hope that they can gain a little comfort from the fact that she is no longer in distress.  
Again, when the call came though the sun was shining, life was going on all around me and I was reminded of the moment in  "Lust for Life" where Kirk Douglas, as van Gogh, talks about Death coming to him in an August afternoon -  in this version of the story it is voiced-over after he has shot himself whilst painting in a French cornfield** - but the idea that death is always with us even in the midst of life is a very compelling one; as Jim Morrison once said "Death makes angels of us all, and gives us wings where we had shoulders smooth as raven's claws"

But fie! Let us not forget that we are still here - at least for the time being! So, I shall pop down to the kitchen and rustle up another cup of tea which should have me being considered as a serious contender to Usain Bolt  in an hour or so! As an aside and to prove just how utterly out of contact with the world of sporting activities I am, I must confess to  having resorted to Googling his name as the only one that my tired old cerebellum could come up with was Adrian Boult - one of my favourite conductors who died aged 84 in 1983!

Whilst I go about my business I shall bid you a very good night and apologise for the shortness of this post; I merely wanted to share a little of my day with you.  This particular Hare  - singular and non-achromatic as may be -  is bowing out for the evening and is off to take some tea ! 

'til next time

Be Seeing You !

*Not to be confused with the Waggle Dance which only bees can do with impunity  - especially in a public place!

** Nun:      "It doesn't seem a sad death . . ."
    Vincent: "Oh, it's not Sister; it happens in the bright daylight, the sun flooding everything in a light of pure gold"

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