Friday, 22 July 2011

After Horace . . .*

Good Morning Dear Friends

And here we are, once again, in the study at Myrtle House for a few brief words before the day begins in earnest (lovely chap!) in the most delightful way with a cup of green tea and possibly a lemon and poppy seed muffin in Nero - my favourite table is pictured to the left . . . I am meeting up with the lovely Sam from Gecko for a catch up and possibly a continuation of our 'debate'  - though some could term it violent argument -  regarding the relative merits of iPhone / Mac vs. Blackberry / PC ; all good clean fun . . . until the knives come out, that is, but generally they are there to cut up the delicious Pastel de Nata!

The old posts have been a bit thin on the ground recently as I'm sure you've noticed; I think the main reason for that is that I've had so very many things to do but not much to write about! Hopefully, with the OD's estate more or less sorted and such like, there will be a return to things more cerebral and interesting than my whinges and aches and pains . . . It was quite sad to close up the stately pile for the last time; she had lived there for the past twenty-five years and wondering through the rooms without her being there was somewhat disconcerting . . . I felt that she would pop around the doorway and complain about the mess we had left it in! Anyway, that particular chapter is now closed and this poor orphan of the storm had better attend to his toilette or my green tea will be going cold . . . to be continued shortly . . .

And now it is a shortly or two later and I am back at Myrtle House following a successful meet with GeckoGirl Sam; much tea was consumed (and subsequent visits to the little boys room by yours truly) followed by a spot of the old retail experience as she and Mr Gecko are off to a wedding, of all things, up in the wilds of Scotland soon and an 'exciter'  - possibly not the correct term - had to be purchased . . . they sit on your head evidently instead of a hat . . . anyhow, once that was done and all desires satiated I returned home burdened by a new bed for the Famous Sally Dog . . .

I had placed hers outside yesterday to freshen up  a tad but managed to forget about it as the rain fell . . . the resultant soggy and very stinky mass could not be allowed back in and so she is now the proud possessor of a fancy polka dot snooze pit . . . very posh! Should you ever desire to meet up with this pooch célèbre you will often find her looking after the very lovely shop pictured above right: a small prize will be awarded to the first person to identify said boutique (who doesn't actually work there!) and will, as is usual for this blog,  be a stunning example of what can be achieved with no expense spent!

So the weekend is practically upon us; the forthcoming week brings a temporary farewell to friends as they head south for the sun - here's hoping you come back relaxed and chilled for the rest of the summer . . . talking of which, there appears to be a huge burning fireball in the sky at the moment - not too sure what it is but believe it appears in summer, sometimes for a whole day or two at a time!

Hope your weekend is love and sunshine filled

'til next time

Be Seeing You !

* "You will have written exceptionally well if, by skilful arrangement of your words, you have made an ordinary one seem original" Horace

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  1. I believe the correct term is 'Facinater' not sure on the spelling ...Lovely blog nice to hear Sal has a lovely new bed to relax in and glad i am not in that photo hahaha in the lovely boutique , were ever that is lol. :) x x