Monday, 8 October 2012

I Saw Old Autumn . . . *

Good Afternoon Dear Friends!

And with a liberal sprinkling of the customary White Rabbits which were due as usual on the very first day of October, I welcome you, somewhat tardily, to the blog on this second Monday in the month!

As per the last time I wrote, you have tumbled upon my personage once again ensconced in the cosy environs of Sunshine House where plans are forging ahead to provide the good folk of Wigan with the opportunity to learn how to blog as badly as I do.  Along with other vastly secret plans -  which are thrilling beyond this poor writers imaginings -  these are some of the many ways  of  providing yours truly with the chance to earn a modest crust whilst having massively good fun with the collection of characters who gather around and share their experiences and good humour.

The stories are flying off the presses of my imagination thick and fast; some speeding off immediately to find their fame and fortune whilst others sit and wait their turn impatiently in the waiting room of my memory; one such Dick Whittington of a new short-short one is entitled "The Strand" and is set to appear in a forthcoming publication namely "The Wee Seaside Book" which should be available just in time for Christmas - what better gift with which to please your loved ones? What do you mean - you have a list? Hmmm ... Anyhow, I shall certainly furnish you with more details of that as they become available as they say and I look forward to your lavish praise as well as the royalties!

Whilst a this wonderful house of sunshine last week, I took the opportunity of reading three of my pieces - the above mentioned Strand, Miss Powell's Chair and Cutting The Mustard - to the Friday morning reading group.  It was such a marvelous feeling to be 'performing' again and to see peoples instant reactions to the twists and the turns in the narrative. We spent two hours in reading, chatting and discussing writing in general with the very positive outcome that the members of the group began to believe that their lives were as important as any one else's and should be written down for posterity which surely is a massively important part of the writer's role of providing inspiration as well as hopefully entertainment .

Life has become very full and busy over the past weeks with masses of opportunities and links being forged, meetings to attend, plans to hatch so hence the scarcity of postings here; I shall endeavour to make sure the frequency of these ramblings increases as I get more settled into some kind of a rhythm and that you are kept up to date with events as they unravel.  You may have noticed that I have deleted and deactivated my Facebook account which may mean that you're not getting notifications of postings etc. I am sorry about that but from now on I shall only be using Twitter to inform of such things; a new Myrtle house Facebook page may appear in the not too distant but, to be honest, the less I have to do with FB the better in my humble opinion.  If you are on Twitter and FB and would like to post when a blog is published on my behalf I would be more than happy and grateful.

The afternoon is drawing to a close and my time here is nearly at an end for today; I hope you are enjoying the Autumnal weather and are basking in the warmth of friendship and love despite the nippy eves!

'til next time

Be Seeing You !


*I saw old Autumn in the misty morn
Stand, shadowless like Silence, listening
To Silence.
Thomas Hood

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