Wednesday, 5 September 2012

And These Days Dwindle Down To A Precious Few . . . *

Good Afternoon My Dear Friends!

It is indeed a goodly while since I last put pen to paper - or cursor to screen in this case - in fact, as I look at the dates it seems that I owe you two sets of three white rabbits at the very least!
This lack of communication is not because of any lack of impetus on my part but to severe technical difficulties which have afflicted me for fast approaching a year now but which will, I hope, soon be sorted and finally laid to rest .

Circumstances are changing rapidly and I'm now able to put more time and energy into my writing and also in the formation of the old e-publishing business which has the vaguest chance of becoming a reality in the near future . . . so there will be, at some point, a resurrection of sorts and Myrtle House will appear not only here but on its own website and blog - but you'll have to bear with me a tad longer for the details.

I'm actually writing this not too far away from the said House of Myrtle, in a rather swish room in the gorgeously named Sunshine House, across the river and into the trees near my old abode; this is one of the places where I hope to be flogging my wares shortly and bringing writing and blogging to a wider audience - well, one can but hope! Sunshine House has the distinction of being a veritable hotbed of creative activities as well as a thriving source of inspiration for yours truly and I am here under the auspices of the energetic Barbara who refuses to let anyone with an iota of any kind of talent pass by her doors without dragging them in and bombarding them with tea, cake and kindness . . . so stand by for more juicy details of my activities as they emerge!

Talking of creativity, as I am wont to do, I have been positively bursting with it recently; a new (very) short story entitled "Miss Powell's Chair" popped into my head from a dream and another is currently in progress whilst the novel  - which is the main Work in Progress - is up to chapter five . . . so you see, I haven't been lazing on my laurels whilst I've been away, have !?

Yet so soon it is September and with it comes not only the season of mist and mellow fruitfulness but also a round of birthdays.  Today is the celebration of the birth my wonderful Japanese 'daughter' Mana Takeshita whose email today to her rather crusty old English 'Dad' brought even more sunshine into this house; on Sunday the lovely and ever-tranquil Akashadevi celebrates her coming into being and I suddenly realise it is nearly thirty years since we used to walk together on the strand in Aberdeen . . . and of course this Friday would have been the eighty-ninth birthday of the Old Duchess... it's strange how time slips by without us hardly even noticing; perhaps, because these people never leave our hearts we forget that they are not around in our everyday life . . .

But enough of such musings; like the crocodile in Peter Pan the clock in my tum tells me it is time for tea and, in the best traditions of Alice, I shall hare home to prepare some for myself and, of course, the Famous Sally Dog who is still as waggy and 'fragrant' as ever . . . I think I need to employ her services in my writing projects to distract the poor folk attending and make them believe that they have had a good time - this is, along with biscuit location,  something she is uniquely talented in doing.

So I shall leave to to your evening; I hope you have a lovely one and that the weather fills you with the urge to spread a little sunshine and love to those around you.

'til next time

Be Seeing You !

* September Song by Kurt Weill

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  1. Nice to see you back , looking forward to more posts.
    x x x