Saturday, 1 October 2011

Painting: The art of protecting flat surfaces from the weather, and exposing them to the critics . . .

Good Morning Dear Friends . . .

And welcome to the study at Myrtle House, just slightly before breakfast, on a quite unseasonable first day of October from where, I am glad to say, three white rabbits - the usual suspects - clad somewhat bizarrely in bermuda shorts, send their familiar monthly welcoming greet!

What a bizarre few days we have had: whether the little summer of St Luke (October 18th) beginning slightly early or perhaps, in a more Mediterranean frame of mind, Veranillo del Membrillo or the summer of the quince as they call it in Spain,  it has certainly been welcome; definitely a season of Magosotos rather than mist and mellow fruitfulness!

I have spent these glorious dog days not basking and topping up my non-existent tan, but being heavily involved in a rather exciting and yet terrifying project; along with a good friend - and excellent counsellor and hypnotherapist - I have decided to take the leap into the unknown and set up a private practice!  Now whilst this sounds like something off Young Doctors or some other antipodean drivel, it in fact involved a long slog around lots of unsuitable premises until one was found that fitted the bill as closely as time and money would allow - I had in fact used this place in a previous life to edit and shoot film, bizarrely enough!  Since then it's been one long giddy social whirl of undercoat, and overcoats and gloss and emulsion and lamps and chairs and - well, I'm exhausted and probably need counselling but we are more or less ready . . . in between all this I've been putting together a simple web site - with much guidance and head-shaking from the kindly Sam @Gecko  with the result that we should be launched onto an unsuspecting world on or around October the 10th - eek!

I shan't pre-empt the launch by hinting at anything as mundane as the name and address of the practice but can reveal that it will act as an affiliation of practitioners and will provide facilities for other therapists seeking space to practice, so if you're one of them keep your eyes peeled too !

Sal has been a tad grumpy as her walks have been relegated whilst the dreadful but necessaries on the practice have been completed; to be honest though the heat does not sit too well with her where walks are concerned and so early mornings and evenings fit the bill much better . . . this does not stop her sitting at home in grumpiness, very kindly opening and shredding my mail for me . . . I sometimes, in a bout of forensic activity, manage to read some of it too.  Still, today is a Saturday and other than a bout of retail therapy later, it is a day to chill and relax ( note: not chillax  - whatever that may be!) and dismiss my already very forgettable and deplorable painting skills until at least tomorrow; the front door does need another coat, ah me . . .

With all this swirling around my bounce there has been little space for the old writing compartment of my life and less for wondering what can possibly be happening on the Isle of Jura with my prize winning story . . . today is the official 7 monthaversary of the announcement of my winning this coveted prize - surely, as gestations go, that is long enough? I could have walked, caught and individually flayed the deer population of the island (c 5000) and used their pelts as a cover for a limited edition version publication in less time . . . call me impatient but I'm impatient! I can feel an (other) email coming on !

However, that will probably wait until I have breakfasted and had a matutinal meander with my micturating mammal - mate before the the sun gets too high in the sky . . .  Have a delightful day and a wonderful weekend filled, once again, with sunshine and love.

"til next time

Be Seeing You! 

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