Tuesday, 14 June 2011

The Lunatic, the Lover, and the Poet, are of imagination all compact . . .

Good Evening Dear Friends

Welcomes and apologies in equal measure; it's been somewhat of a frantic time since the last posting and I have found myself with little time for anything other than writing words out of necessity rather than pleasure and dashing back and forth across the local environs to minister to The Old Duchess who is, sadly, laid up and rather under the weather. 

As is often the case the apparent cause of her malady seems none too serious on the surface but the knock-on effects are quite debilitating and worrying . . . still the various family members have got together and are providing care on a shift pattern so with any luck she should be on the mend rather sooner than later. Any messages you would care to leave would be gratefully received and passed on by hand to the sick room at the stately pile where broadband is a creation of science fiction suitable only for children and strange adults.

To be totally honest I have to admit to squeezing in a few words of pleasure as a short story I am rather proud of entitled "Our Beloved Sister" comes into being; it is very short indeed -only around 1500 words - but quite effective I believe and so I am now in the process of editing the final draft and looking around for suitable competitions to enter . . . I am still waiting for news of the final resting place of "The Maelstrom"  - things do move exceedingly slowly! -  and as soon as I know I shall share the knowledge with you all.   Two other projects are still in progress: a book of doggerel and a book explaining death, both aimed at 9 - 13 year olds . . . watch this space and also this one for more details about release dates and possibilities for download.

The bulk of words due to drip from my pen are destined for the counselling portfolio which must be finished, bound and submitted by two weeks tomorrow; I have about 6,500 words left to write which, were it fiction, I would  considered a mere bagatelle!  However, the nature of the beast and my reluctance to commit to it means it is a bit of a grind . . . it will happen, even if both ends of candles and midnight oil in barrels end up in the conflagration! I wrote a quick thousand this morning and was so pleased with myself that I took most of the rest of the day off - this will not do! Actually, the main reason for the break was to give Sal a bit of an outing . . . the combination of bad weather and visits to the stately pile mean her outings have been somewhat restricted  - one must ensure the metal health of one's companion remains as perky as possible, or so she informs me!

And that is pretty much it; I'm over to visit the OD at the crack of dawn tomorrow so an earlyish night is on the books and, looking in the mirror, the old phisog could benefit from a few extra hours kip - and a severe session with a steam press . . . it's a bad sign when your faces matches your linen trousers!

I hope the climatic conditions remain good but that whatever the weather you have a week filled with love, hope and sunshine!

'til next time

Be Seeing You!

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