Monday, 3 February 2014

On Returning With The Promised Spring ...

Good Morning Dear Friends!

It has been so long since I've put pen to paper - or, in this instance, finger to touch screen - that I suspect that I've lost all my ever-so faithful followers; if this is the case I know full well that the blame lies squarely on the joint shoulders of indolence and a certain lack of spirit on my part and for that I can only apologise and hope that, as surely as Spring will arrive, so the words will once more blossom forth from this particular room ... Such poetry, eh! 

Many things have happened and occurred over the past two years and a half years that have dulled my creative edge to a point where it was practically pointless and the whole process of writing this blog - a process that once filled me with deep joy - became first a chore and then something of a ghastly, recurring daymare; hopefully, however, I'm in a much better frame of mind and, although there are still a number of clouds remaining, the beautiful blue is not quite as tarnished as it was. Anyhow, that was then and this is now and here you are visiting me for the first time in a veritable age and I haven't even offered you the slightest sustenance - you must forgive my manners; they have been, like the rooms here in Myrtle House, shuttered and unused for many a month but now pull up a virtual chair and I shall spirit up a beverage of your choosing and we'll see if we can't have a good old chinwag.

Actually, in terms of creativity, I haven't been totally idle,  with three or four short stories a month being produced. I must confess, however, that in terms actually doing anything with them I have been most remiss; the poor old Myrtle House blog which I originally set up to promote my work,  hasn't seen a posting since August 2011 and so that's another matter that needs attending to ... but, back to the stories, I am looking at ways of trying to get some income from them; there are opportunities via Amazon of course, though it has to be said, I'm hardly at one with their company ethos and working practices - the curse of a conscience I'm afraid - and there are also things worth investigating over at a Project Gutenberg which, of course, is one of my favourite repositories for old writing on the web. In any case, it's time I put my shoulder to the wheel of fortune and got it rolling ! 

I've recently spent quite a large amount of time working with some very fine musicians and revisiting the world of my youth; I should point out that I haven't been forcing my music upon these people but merely helping out with a word or two for newsletters and the like ... On that front it looks like I have to venture into the world of website building too which is something of a novelty for me; "it's just like doing a blog" they said - I can report that it isn't and, although not exactly a slouch when it comes to things technological, I have  been left feeling quite stupid and clumsy ... still, with good friend Percy Verence, I hope to have at least conquered the basics soon ... another technological thrill is writing this blog on iPad - poor old Blogger doesn't seem to like it very much and I'm having the devil's own job actually seeing what I'm writing - a blessing in disguise as I'm sure you will agree and one I'm expect you wish were heaped upon your head. If I may add here a small techno postscript as it were: the blog was written on iPad but had to viewed on my ancient iMac in order to format it; it seems Blogger doesn't like iOS, OSX or Safari very much at all - I have spent a good hour now trying to get it to a vaguely recognisable appearance . . . hmmm, not very good at all; I have been considering a move to Wordpress - mind you, will that like my system any better? Oh hum  . . .

Ah well, the day calls and I must about my business ... No, there's no need for you to stir yourself if you're comfy; why not have a look back through the dusty old archives and see if anything tickles your fancy - or at least irritates your mucous membrane to the point of a sneeze! It's been lovely chatting to you again; I hope we meet again very soon and, as always, you are more than welcome - nay, encouraged even - to leave comments below, just so that I don't feel too much of a Miss Haversham, left in my decaying finery and talking to myself !

Until next time  - which I hope will be very soon -  I wish you a simply wonderful week

Be Seeing You

PS: If you though that the somewhat bizarre photographs appear to have very little connection to the writing you would be almost exactly right; they are in fact odd little items from my time at the Writers Lodge on Jura where if you recall, I spent a week in 2011

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