Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Trials, Tribulations and a Tribute . . .

Good Evening Dear Friends . . .

After a somewhat unsettled period of "monkey-wedding" weather as they term such sun and showery conditions in South Africa we have yet another evening of rain beyond the windows of the study . . . and along with the precipitation and resultant dampness comes an intensification of the myriad of aches and pains that habitually inhabit my body; I suppose one answer would be to up sticks and go all mediterraneo in some lovely village like Deia de Mallorca with oranges on the tree for breakfast - alternatively I suppose  a couple of paracetamol are a cheaper, if less romantic, option . . . and to be honest I love my bijou house which is my own little oasis of peace and tranquility and the rain can be considered soothing . . . have I convinced you yet? No? me neither!

Since we last spoke I've continued in a small way to expand and upgrade the technology and, given that it is a thankless task and somewhat Forth Bridge in nature, I still have some way to go but we are a step closer to living as recommended in the Book of Jobs and closing the Gates of Bill forever . . . I am getting to be more of a ʞǝǝƃ than I thought possible, albeit rather late in life, and obsessing almost exclusively on Ѽ ! 

Talking of such things apologies are due for the still non-appearance of the Myrtle House web site; the blame (if such a concept truly exists) can be placed firmly at my door, as the delightful Sam from Gecko has done her bit but awaits both content and funds from me to launch - the former is no problem the latter a different matter as per usual . . .  Be patient children, you will get your bedtime story eventually!

In other news, I learned today of the death of one of my ex-neighbours; I knew John Martindale for around eight years when he lived just below me in the BPS.  He was a fanatical follower of Wigan Rugby League Football Club, a stalwart steward of the game and an all-round good egg! He was eighty-four and had been somewhat lost and lonely since the love of his life Irene had died a couple of years previously . . . one hopes a rematch is in the fixture list! Sadly, I am unable to attend the funeral as I am booked in with clients but hope this mention serves as a tiny memorial to a great man and a grand neighbour. 

Meanwhile, as always, the river of life flows on and we continue to row, row, row our boat gently downstream to the vast eternal sea that awaits us all . . . however, before that event I have much to do and (I hope) time to do it in: words await writing and journeys lead my footsteps away from these familiar streets - the first of which is now just a mere 3 weeks away . . . I first learned that I'd snagged the prize on St David's day which seems forever ago! I intend to write a journal and take some snaps so that you can all share my good fortune and mosquitos!

And now my stomach tells me it is time to eat; I wish you a lovely evening and hope you're not as creaky as I am - it may be sunny tomorrow, you just never know!

'til next time

Be Seeing You !

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