Thursday, 28 April 2011

Who Will Pay The Ferryman?

Good Morning Dear Friends!

Welcome once again to the study at Myrtle House where yours truly sits and writes for you despite a throat full of razor blades and an imminent case of ague upon himself; such is the love and esteem in which you are held - you lucky people!

It appears to be another lovely day with sunlight dappled blue sky filling the windows which suggests that the climatic pattern of recent years is being followed once again with the best weather appearing albeit always too briefly in May; selfishly I hope it lasts a little longer this year - at least until I return from Jura in early June!

All that seems to be lurching ahead though the transport issue is fantastically and amusingly complicated; I am currently engaged in trying to leave a message on an undecipherable voice-mail belonging to the captain of a ferry asking him to wait for me while I pick up a car from an airport on one side of an island and drive to the port on the other - an act of Diagon Alley and wizardry which must be completed in about 30 minutes! It's all good fun though and the lovely Sam from Whyte and Mackay tucked away up in Glasgow is doing her best to remain calm and  patient with my fixations about connection times and being prepared for any eventuality including attack by mutant star goat and its possible ramification on ticket validity! It is an adventure however and one I truly appreciate being chosen to undertake . . .

Today sees a brief pause in the madness and a meeting with Sister Cate in Nero in order to put the world to rights over green tea and muffins and possibly indulge in theraputis retailis  - an act which I consider only natural and my birthright though sadly somewhat hampered and curtailed by a total and utter absence of the necessary spondulicks to carry out the treatment to the nth degree of desirement but I shall do my best and soldier on bravely. . . 

The paucity of resources is causing me also to rethink the plans for continued enlightenment; two courses I had set my heart on - one of them booked and due to start next week - are now firmly on the back burner and in imminent danger of being bagged and placed in the freezer until the financial climate mirrors the meteorological one . . . it's very enervating and frustrating to have at least some of the skills but be unable to expand on them and get the necessary qualifications because of the lack of filthy lucre - a state of affairs that is mirrored in the life of many students already and one which can only increase in severity I believe . . .

Anyhow life is a compromise I suppose though as a concept I find that a tad unnerving . . . but accept it I must and on with it!  My financial wants could quite easily be satisfied by 1% of the cost of say, napkins, for tomorrow's shindig though I will leave it to you to decide which you think would be the most useful in the long run!

And I must leave you to your day too as mine grows older by the second and tasks wait somewhat impatiently to be dealt with - not least the small matter of walks with the Famous Sally Dog who's fan base continues to expand as neighbours and passing strangers continue to fall head over heels for her Patterdalian charms; we are off to see those lovely ladies at our favourite boutique shortly where I will buy yet more assorted tat to adorn the walls of Myrtle House - eclectic is the word - and Sal will receive love, attention and dog biscuits all in equal measure - a process she bears with fortitude and wagginess as always.

I hope you have a wonderful sun and love-filled day; and if you're off to the wedding tomorrow think of us poor writers starving in our garrets and maybe filch a napkin or two to tide us over these days of scarcity!

'til next time

Be Seeing You !

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