Monday, 4 April 2011

Walking the Long Road . . . *

Good Evening Dear Friends . . .

And how the devil are you? Yours truly is somewhat under the weather due to a sleepless night followed by a long but ultimately satisfying day with clients in Bury and the complete refusal of my legs to work or my elbow to shrink to a size suitable for an elbow rather than a thigh . . . but I thought I'd dash off a few lines before bedtime just to reassure my faithful public (and myself) that I'm still alive!

Big news for me this week is that it looks as though plans for the sojourn in the Writer's Retreat on Jura are firming up nicely; I should be winging my way there in around 6 weeks or so and am planning to be there for around 4 days - bliss!  I must say that I'm so grateful to the wonderful people at Jura who are supporting me in this and making it all possible; it is an amazing opportunity and one that I never imagined would come my way . . . it's also spurring me on to re-examine other aspects of my life, not just the creative areas, because winning this award has allowed me to rekindle a little bit of self-belief . . . so thank you Diurachs!

The week ahead is busyish - not least in that a sweet wee sofa should be arriving for the study - somewhere for me to lounge in comfort when the muses have temporarily abandoned me  - and Friday sees me visiting one of my most beloved places ever . . . yes, I'm off to Stockholm! Well, the little bit of it that resides next to Marks and Spencer in the Gemini Retail Park and does marvelous meatballs and gorgeous bookcases . . . the latter being the main -  but I'm sure not sole  -  reason for my trip!  I'm really looking forward to having the study fully sorted . .. a room of ones own, eh! And as I write these words I am floating in silence - another experience I didn't imagine I would ever have again!

Tomorrow I'm meeting up with the Old Duchess who's gracing both Nero and me with her presence - just hoping that the weather is a tad less colder than today . . . the OD feels the cold dreadfully these days;  visiting her at home in the stately pile normally results in me sporting a bikini after walking through the door . . . no, not literally of course, but you get my drift! Actually, sitting in a place like Nero is such a departure for her - she used to consider 50p to be rather over the top for a cup of coffee -  but she does like the atmosphere and sitting with me watching the world go by . . . On Thursday I have a meeting with some lovely people in the counselling world about an exciting new venture for me to undertake . . . it's all good stuff!

Oh dear! As I write this piffle for you my aged PC is struggling manfully but is, I'm sure, about to give up the ghost once and for all; I need to update and I don't need to remind you of my plans on that particular front, nor the seeming impossibility of achieving them . . . but, if the Jura experience has taught me anything it is that you never do know, do you!  Now, what did I do with Steve Job's email . . .

Whilst I search for that i shall leave you to enjoy what little is left of the evening;  I hope your week is fruitful and rewarding and filled with all the love you need -  and a wee bit more! 

'til next time

Be Seeing You!

* the "Long Road" is the name given to the one road on Jura ॐ

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  1. Lovely photo not took you long to get settled in Myrtle house ,its looking great and what a lovely view is it the canal lol x