Friday, 15 April 2011

If My Memory Serves Me Well . . .

Good Afternoon Dear Friends!

And welcome to this, the first posting proper from the finally finished study at Myrtle House! The clatter of keys is suitably accompanied by slurps of Lemon Tisane and ginger-nut craquelure crunches as I work through the early evening to bring you the very latest in happenings in this sleepy backwater, far from the madding crowds who populate the town at this time of year; for it is, as I'm sure you are aware, the school holidays and there appears to be 'youth' everywhere one looks.

Mesnes Park, a Victorian splendour which is currently undergoing restoration, is densely populated with huge groups of them, spread over the formal lawns like so many instances of mould on cheese but seemingly without the beneficial results; the trouble is, I suppose, that I find them so very loud. They seem intent on communicating purely by bellowing and shrieking;  I don't recall doing the same whilst at their tender years but I suppose that could be selective memory  . . . it's now nearly sixteen years since my own adolescent first saw the light of day, one Saturday afternoon at 17.17 to be exact . . . it certainly does make one query just where the time goes especially when the off-spring in question now towers over me and is making decisions about his life and career . . . I wonder if I should do the same? Hmmm! Maybe have another cup first . . .

So, exactly what has been happening? Well, in your absence the library has been upped and boxed and brought here and unpacked; new shelves courtesy of those wonderful Swedes now line some of the room and cushions and carpets abound giving a wee snug bolt hole for yours truly - and your good selves of course when you come to visit!

Plans are afoot for the Jura expedition with transport options being narrowed down by the lovely folk at the distillery;  I'm still trying to find some angel to give me a mac book so that I can look the part whilst sitting in secluded splendour, suffering in The Writer's Lodge for my Art - we don't do starving in garrets these days, no my dear ones  that's simply so passé ! However, if all else fails my wee Dell will have to do as it has done for the past year or so . . . it's just that computers age so rapidly these days as software designers make the progs more and more memory hungry  - and even as I write I notice that this main PC ( another Dell) is slowing and not doing as it should . . . still the small one's memory is still considerably better than mine in the short term . . . did I have that tea?

Well pot and cup are cold and so I presume I must have unconsciously consumed it . . . another cold object is nose-shaped and connected to a persistent canine who is probably passing on rather urgent memos regarding the capacity and probability of overflow from her bladder and so I shall cut this short before she gets caught short and the new rug in the study becomes waterlogged!

I hope you have a wonderful evening and that your weekend is full to the brim (sorry, Sal!) and bursting (and again!) with happiness and you are showered (Whoops! That could be the final straw!) with love and luck!

'til next time

Be Seeing You !


  1. What a lovely t pot were did you get that then lol. x

  2. The tea pot was purchased - on Sal's say so - from our favourite boutique; as it is v exclusive and not meant for oiks I'm afraid I cannot reveal the name! :) Though if in some way you manage to go there beware of the two behind the counter - rum'uns they are! lol xxx