Thursday, 21 April 2011

Bunyips, Birthdays and Beautification!

Good Morning Dear Friends!

And Mandatum novum do vobis ut diligatis invicem sicut dilexi vos*  the first word of which is one supposed source for the name Maundy  - today being the particular Thursday that bears that name - although if that were to be the case it would more likely to be known as Mandy Thursday don't you think? Most people agree that it comes from the name of the baskets used to distribute alms to the poor . . . I still await mine patiently!
Anyhow, what ever its derivation welcome to it and what appears to be a whole bucket and spadeful of Bank Holidays approaching on the horizon with an unseemly rapidity! I must admit to a lack of in-depth knowledge of such ecclesiastical events; I asked in all seriousness yesterday if it were Palm Wednesday before realising the stupidity of my remark! I would like to thank my source of all thing Vatican for the gentleness of her rebuke and for only laughing for an hour or so . . .

For Easter is fast upon us and, although somewhat tardy this year, signals the fact that my current stint in academia is fast drawing to a close and with it comes the piercingly startling fact that, along with the several thousand words I need to conjure from thin air in an increasingly short period of time, I shall soon have more time to devote to that other thing I used to do - what was it called now? - ah yes, life!  Having said that I must admit I have another brief bout of learning to do, this one occupying Friday mornings and aimed at teaching me how to play - you're never too old to learn! - and I also have my eye set on a post- diploma course which would be fascinating and useful but is also madly expensive . . . hmmm! Ah well, I have the application form so let's wait and see . . .

Today is also the birthday of a very old friend; APS was one of my co-conspirators in preserving-sanity-by-being-insane at our old Grammar School and is now something huge in artiness in Bournville - and so a very happy birthday to him and wishes for more success and happiness than one can shake a Rotring rapidograph at!  

Curiously enough, next week also has a reminder of those days as another of my school chums making a flying visit from his little piece of Hebden to perform with his outfit at the local venue just around the corner from Myrtle House; David and the Midwich Assembly ( will be appearing as part of the Words Art Festival at the Tudor House on Thursday 28th April so be there or be somewhat rectangular in outlook and appearance! I intend to make a supreme effort to shift myself in that direction so maybe see you all there?

I hope you approve of today's little image by the way; it is a design for a t-shirt I did last year but still haven't got around to having it printed up . . . it should appeal to any antipodeans reading this waffle and think it makes a refreshing change from cute bunnies . . . I am, of course a March Hare man myself . . .

Talking of images I've spent some of the week  - and a not inconsiderable part of my budget - buying old pictures and frames which which to adorn the walls of Myrtle House; I've been a fan of all things Japanese for some time now and especially love the prints of people like Hasui, Utamaro and the creator of this wonderful little image Hiroaki Takahashi.  It is entitled Misty Spring Evening and I think it is adorable and brilliantly done! The different artists I have are all somewhat diverse but I think my walls should reflect the somewhat eclectic nature of my being, don't you? So, in an attempt Kimono My House I shall have a variety of styles and frames and various objects d'art scattered around the place - just like the inside of my head.

Today sees me off to do some preliminary work at my new counselling venue; setting up record systems, making appointments etc all necessary stuff. The people there seem a lovely bunch and it's especially nice that I already knew one face there who is always ready to greet me with a smile, a selection of songs from the shows and a cup of dubious tea - I have installed a pack of my own green tea in the cupboard already so as to avoid the pomegranate and slippery-elm confection offered by Mr H last time!

Before that I will be strolling around the local environs with my canine sweetheart Sal who has settled into Myrtle House readily and is busily making friends with the neighbours, stealing their hearts and food with equal aplomb! She loves the fact that, after tiring of sitting in the study listening to me clatter away on the keyboard she can trot off and become the hound of the baskers in the sunshine-bespattered courtyard - I have decided it is big enough to be a courtyard by the way; it's not just me being pretentious! - as well as the accompanying gated area of cobbles that is reserved for us . . . bliss!  Yesterday, I ate my lunch outside at home for the first time in ten or more years; such a treat!

Anyhow, the time as come and so I must away and beautify myself;  I hope you have a simply wonderful week of holiness and wholesomeness

'til next time

Be Seeing You!

*which translates as "A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you"

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  1. Nice design , and dont forget good Friday fish for t tomorrow hahaha have a lovely weekend.x