Sunday, 20 March 2011

Spring in the Air, Bishop! *

Good Morning Dear Friends

My new neighbours  
And welcome to this slightly drizzly Sunday morning which heralds the dawn of a new era; this is the first of, I hope, many blogs to emanate from the peace and quiet of Myrtle House which, as is stated elsewhere, shelters in the shadow of the church of All Saints and is subsequently filled with a ring of bells on mornings such as these.

The library here is a much more extensive affair and affords me the opportunity to purchase some new shelving to take the burden from the present groaning incumbents - I can feel a trip to Ikea looming! - although at present the books sit patiently in crates, some 13 of them, awaiting their new and, one hopes, considerably more tranquil home.

Today sees a last dash back to the BPS to retrieve the plants which were deemed by the carriers, for some reason best known to themselves,  to be in the same category as nuclear waste and therefore remained behind in verdant solitude, sole protectors of the land like some ancient forest and guardians of the land of the past . . .  anyhow, in a manner not too far removed from Birnham Wood, they will shortly be on the move, although in this case transported less than ceremoniously in Rosie the Red Fiesta from that place and back to here where they will grace my home with their favours.

And then that will be that. Sal is, at the mo, a little unsure and, I think, slightly stressed by the whole affair; I'm sure in time she will come to terms with the new surroundings; she is already quite a fan of the courtyard which will, in time for Summer, be a riot of colour and a place of retreat . . . talking of seasons, it seems that the Vernal Equinox has sneaked up on me and today is in fact the first day of Spring!

As I was planning to use this day to launch the new book-centred blog cum website named Myrtle House it has caught me quite unawares; anyhow, it will be ready in some format by tomorrow and so keep the peepers peeled for an announcement i the press . . . or Twitter and Facebook more like!  I'm still awaiting details of my Jura jaunt and will be happy to furnish you with those as soon as they arrive; this week also sees me enter my second half-century - an unimaginable thought for one so firmly child-like in mind, ah me! Never mind, one aspect of my advancing years is that my eyesight is so poor that I can't see my wrinkles in the mirror anymore, a blessing don't you think?

Well, I must away to the greenage and so will leave you here to sip tea and maybe unpack a crate or two . . . oh!  The sun is beginning to shine; have a wonderful first day and enjoy and savour the sheer vitality of it all!

'til next time

Be Seeing You !

* A delightful exchange from the ancient TV programme ‘All Gas and Gaiters’:  The Archdeacon and the Bishop walked through the cloisters, as the Archdeacon sniffed the air and said, “Spring in the air, Bishop!” The Bishop looked sideways at him and responded, “Spring in the air yourself, Archdeacon!” I used this in one of my first blogs on the first day of Spring many moons ago!

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