Tuesday, 8 March 2011

A Moving Experience . . .

Good Morning Dear Friends!

And another very early one it is too! With lots to sort and pack, and words beyond measure to compose for various projects, yours truly is in danger of becoming even more dull than Jack of no play could ever be accused of being!  Still it has to be done and the results will, I'm sure, outweigh the effort  . . . it's just over a week now before the move to Myrtle House takes place and currently the BPS looks not unlike a shop in which the eponymous bull has been rampaging - packing up one's home is certainly an omelette of a process which demands many cracked eggs -  in all probability including me, oh my!

I spent the weekend away in the secluded and sequestered splendour of Whalley Abbey, learning how to use games and play resources with clients of all ages in therapy and a thoroughly wonderful time I had too! The days were long and filled with joy; to paint pictures and stick spots and stars on boxes to be filled with secrets was very liberating and at the same time relaxing and recharging.  The evening I also used productively by doing more work on the writing front, the results of which should be available for viewing when the new site springs into being on the 21st March; details of how to find this wondrous new place, this Eden of literature, will follow shortly if you are interested, so keep a watchful eye or two on this blog.

The weekend was only tinged with sadness by the fact that it was the last one we as a group would attend,  the last one that the college was organising and the very last one that one of our wonderful tutors, Alf Thompson, would experience due to his impending retirement . . . I shall refrain from going into the most ridiculous aspect of the residential that occurred as we were leaving; I knew at the time that placing a mobile phone on top of a car was a very stupid thing to do, knowledge that was confirmed some 5 miles later . . . so now I have a lovely new phone and it hasn't been a hassle at all, grrr!

My famous canine friend had spent the weekend away in the doggy palace known as Talbot House; her joy at being re-united was overwhelming! At one point she was running with such vigour on the tiled flooring that her body was actually perfectly stationary whilst her legs galloped and scrabbled for purchase; she was less than amused at my hilarity to this sight but soon forgive my transgressions following liberal application of hugs and doggy-treats!

I feel I must also apologise for another transgression; the amount of time between postings these days is simply not good enough! From each and every day it has now slipped to maybe once a week if luck has it; I can only plead extenuating circumstances and pressure of life for my lack of output in this medium and beg your forgiveness humbly . . . the last thing I would wish is for you to become sick and tired of waiting for an invitation; hopefully soon you will be enjoying the cosy corners and peaceful slumber of Myrtle House.

Ah well, the rest of the day awaits my attendance; I must go and kick the kettle into life and  try and persuade my body to move - never an easy task at the best of times!  May I wish you all a splendiferous Tuesday and hope to see you very soon indeed.  Don't forget to watch out for info on the new site and some news which I consider to be very exciting indeed!

'til next time

Be Seeing You !

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  1. Glad to see the blog is back , hope the moving is going to plan . Nice to hear Sal is back to normal after her little hol . Looked at the E mail link you sent...wow what a beautiful place that is , i must keep it in mind , may go for a weekend break sometime hahahaha :)