Sunday, 13 March 2011

Final Words . . .

Good Morning Dear Friends

And welcome to this, the final posting and the last words from this particular room, namely the library in the Bijou Penthouse Suite, on a grey and rather rainy Sunday morning that is also my late father's birthday. Do sit down and, as Kenneth Grahame said, we'll see if tea and buns can make the world a better place . . .The accompanying photograph is of James and yours truly in 1961; if you look very carefully you can see a very youthful Old Duchess who was taking the photograph, reflected in the mirror indoors . . .  James and I share the same bottom lip and both seem equally enamoured by the whole process, do we not?

The week has been a maelstrom indeed with news of the prize from those lovely people at Jura, being interviewed for the local press by the lovely Sara B, the result of which appeared yesterday along with a fine picture by Mr John Leatherbarrow - who has, over the years, photographed many of my news-worthy efforts - and which I shall try to scan and pop on here at some point.  But Sadly, as yin to that particular yang, the terrible news from Japan that caused me instantly to worry about the two people I know very well there; one, the beautiful Georgia has posted to say she is happy and well but, as of yet, there is no word from my 'daughter' Mana . . . I am hoping she is safe and sound too.  It is bad enough that a natural disaster should hit but to also have the danger of nuclear meltdown quite frankly beggars belief; as you could probably have guessed I am very much anti-nuclear but even the most atom-friendly of people would, I think, question the wisdom of building these atrocities in zones so prone to earthquakes . . .it is not perhaps the time to apportion blame but rather hope that some good will come eventually from this appalling situation.

I initially began these spoutings on the first of September last year and a very interesting six months it has been too; they will, of course, continue from Myrtle House when I take up residence there this coming Thursday - which is of course St Patrick's day - so I shall be bestowing sláinte  on you from a more spacious and peaceful pied-à-terre than I have had for the past eight years or so . . . packing has been the usual nightmare, especially as, this time, I decided that I would use 'proper' containers as opposed to the more usual cardboard boxes and so the BPS now looks like a Home for Lost Plastic Crates! I currently have 9 x 85 litre crates for books alone and there are more to pack yet, oh the woes of being a bibliophile!

Thankfully, the library at MH is more commodious; a fact which will, one hopes, be reflected in the subsequent drivellings emanating from there; in fact I shall have much more space in total than at present, along with a rather lovely courtyard with the potential for summery writings 'neath parasols whilst breathing in the scent of stocks and with the faithful Sal basking in the rays, as she is wont to do . . .

This idyll does, of course, require that one lives in this earthly paradise in the first place; a dream that will only become reality if I spend the whole of today, Monday and Tuesday involved in the packing process . . . it is, of course, a great opportunity to de-clutter - but it also affords an equal one to sit and look and reminisce which achieves nothing but a smile, if one is lucky.  I suppose that, in many ways and on many days, I have been happy here; but I also must recall with a shudder the many, many times that I haven't - due in the main to the external intrusions of others it has to be said . . . that, hopefully, is now in the past, a distant land where I shall wander no more.

I think I may have time for one more cup of green tea and a few moments of silent contemplation before the day begins in earnest - I am also reminded at this point by nose-nuzzlings that a certain canine also has a bladder of limited capacity and would appreciate maybe an outing into the great outdoors which, as I write, could be found guilty of clearing up slightly . . . Ah me! There is, as they say, no rest for the wicked and I think sometimes I must have been the personification of evil in a former life!

I hope you have a wonderful day; let it be peaceful and safe from sorrow, a tranquil oasis from tomorrow, and I shall have the kettle on at Myrtle House when next you drop by.
'til next time

Be Seeing You !


  1. The end of an era, and the start of a new one. I know you will be very happy in Myrtle House and I got you a great housewarming pressie ;) xxx

  2. You are kindness itself - how did you know I needed an iMac?


  3. Just popped over to catch up on your posts and I see you are moving, will we be able to access a blog from your new abode?

  4. I hope you have settled into your new home -all best wishes for your future there.

  5. Thanks for the comments everyone; Cait this blog and the new Myrtle House blog will be accessible . . . and even a new web site!