Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Final Day of the Half-Century . . .

Good Morning Dear Friends!

And a lovely Spring morning it is too; do help yourself to tea and toast, pop your bums down and let's have a chat!

A whole new routine is slowly taking shape in the environs of Myrtle House; the peacefulness is only shattered by the tree-sawing snore of Sal as she basks in sunshine and dreams doggynesses with both rapid eye and leg movement; I sit in the new library or study - haven't quite decided which term to use yet - still surrounded by crates of books and indecision reigns . . . where should this go?  Will that look okay there? I shall have to seek advice, possibly professional in nature!  However, as I say, the routines appear to be developing organically and everything seems to fit into place quite naturally which is fantastic. As you can see from the pic I have also been lucky enough to receive this beautiful house-guest who now sits and meditates amid the banana palms and adds considerably to the tranquility; thank you to my secret benefactor for the generosity and love ॐ

Not such good news about the web page / blog of the same name however; I still have had no response from Blogger or Google (the company behind Blogger) as to their reasoning for removing the Myrtle House blog or their plans to reinstate it - most enervating! Thankfully my good friend Sam is beavering away at a site for me and hopefully some sort of web-presence will be in evidence soon - us award-winning authors need that sort of thing, you know! And on that subject I still await final details of my trip to Jura; with hols coming up in April it would seem a good time to go but I am at the mercy of the gods - and the marvellous Mr Cochrane who is, I believe, the man behind it all!  If any of you would like to see just where yours truly will be based for the full duration of the 1,984 minutes of my stay can I suggest you pop along to and enjoy the sights at  - you will need to enter your date of birth in order to prove that you are old enough to withstand the delights of the Lodge without succumbing to a fainting fit - which I nearly did!

Other news of the week: two lovely friends have birthdays this week - Jen'fer, a very talented web and graphic designer who I first worked with when she was even more wee than presently, will be celebrating on Friday, as will the lovely Louise in Cape Town, a musician who I first encountered when she came to play in the UK many moons ago and have remained good friends with  - our toes have touched ever since . . . I also will be commemorating - if not celebrating exactly - another year of waking up in the morning as I enter my second half-century tomorrow . . . it really doesn't seem possible but there you have it!

Today, being Wednesday, means I'm off eastwards to that seat of learning I have called home for the past two years . . . it's also startling to think that, in a few short weeks, all that will be behind me and, with any luck, I shall be fully qualified and most definitely certified!  I have enjoyed the experience, especially on days like this when I can trundle along on the train, contemplating life, the universe and why schoolchildren deem it necessary to shout all the time  - my journey unfortunately coincides with letting out time!

And now it's time to leap into action . . . well, amble into activity of some sort I suppose! I have work to do and a small canine's ambulatory desires to satisfy so I wish you well on this wonderful Wednesday; have an absolutely stunningly brilliant day!

'til next time

Be Seeing You !


  1. you need certifying :D Happy 51st for tomorrow xxx

  2. good to see the blog again, I couldn't view for a while, blogger said it had been removed!

  3. and perhaps a piccie or two so your international readers can view Myrtle House and of course the famous Sally :)

    know the feeling about book cartons, we had 25 on our last move :D