Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Daf As A Brush . . .

Good Evening Friends!

And welcome to this special St David's Day edition of the blog! 

Never let it be said that I am one who doesn't keep the various high days and holidays - so, in honour of our Red Dragon-taming and leek-lusting friends across the Marches, I have pleasure in including a Daf for you . . . I actually remember an old teacher of mine driving one very similar to this - except it was in a washed out Narcissus yellow and was probably single-handedly responsible for the damage to the ozone layer!  

So why is this particular day so special you may ask ? Well, were you to pose such a question, I would, in all honesty, have to reply that it is special because of some rather startling and surprising news that I received today whilst sitting in Nero with Sister Cate amid the usual combo of green tea and lemon and poppy-seed muffin; it was news of such magnitude and joyfulness that I almost felt like a shepherd on the hills near Bethlehem, washing my socks by night as dreadful children have sung for many a generation now . . .

I am absolutely bursting with the desire to share my tidings of great joy with you but cannot do so just yet; suffice it to say as soon as I can - and I don't envisage it being too long a wait for those of you of an impatient bent - I most certainly and gladly will;  I hope that it will make you as happy for me as I am for myself and that the fall out affects us all in the most pleasant way!

I am so beside myself that I have forgotten to bestow upon you the customary albino lagomorphs, it being the first day of March . . . and, being that day, it is only another twenty to the first day of Spring and the launch of the new web-site  - an occasion which is causing me some headaches I have to admit; mainly because of my inexperience with these particular beasts and the strange wonderfulness that is DNS which is something to do with domain names or something or other . . . anyhow, the site was going to be hosted on WordPress as befits us writer-types but, sadly, making it all work  doesn't seem to sink into this particular scribe's bonce and so I have relented and gone once again with Blogger.

As I have intimated before the site will have a literary bent and hopefully be offering goodies for those with a disposition for sending in comments - especially if they tell me how wonderful I am! Every man has his price - it's just that I give discount.

Anyhow, the evening is speeding away before me and I have much to do; there won't be many more of these postings from the old BPS so I do hope you will come and join me amongst the homeliness of Myrtle House in the not too distant future - the tea and biscuits will be in the same place, just help yourself!

Have a wonderful evening!

'til next time

Be Seeing You !


  1. Well i must say , you sound like you are about to burst with excitement over something . Have you won the lottery ?. Apple in sight lol . I am curious is the woman in the picture hovering or sat on an invisible chair hahaha :)

  2. They had much stronger thigh muscles in those days Twinkle! :) xxx