Monday, 7 February 2011

The Speed of Night . . .

Good Afternoon Dear Ones!

You're just in time for tea and digestives you lucky devils! What a blustery old day is has been; I seem to have spent rather a lot of it to-ing and fro-ing and not achieving a spectacular amount . . . Poor old Sal has been running at almost quantum speeds in order to remain within a nodding acquaintance of the attraction of gravity in the face of these howlers - I use that term in the Shakespearean sense as opposed to a accurate critique of my scientific knowledge by the way . . .

It was on one of my journeys that I noticed that my local and long-established health food shop had closed down; Only Natural had been around for about 25 years and was finally seen off by business rates, can you believe it? Chatting to other shop keepers it seems the rates on a not very large shop are somewhere around £22.5k pa or £432.70 per week - a ridiculous amount to find if you're a newsagent or a small independent trader - plus rent, utilities, staff . . . so very sad and a major reason why our town centres are dying; there are so many empty shops these days . . . a situation that was highlighted in the excellent BBC series Turn Back Time - The High Street where the town centre of Shepton Mallet was revitalised by recreating the shops as they had been through 6 periods in history and persuading the locals to experience real shopping! All well and good if you are being bank-rolled by the BBC, not so good for the real life retailers though . . .

Talking of shopping I am away soon to the hallowed halls of plenty to try and stock up on all the essentials I so desperately need; and looking out of the library window it is just as well they are essentials otherwise yours truly would not be shifting his rather pert and well formed buttocks one iota this evening - it is dark, wet, windy and cold . . . the evening that is, not my buttocks, Brrr!

I also spent a part of the early morning trolling through my collection of snaps in the family album, trying to find some suitable ones for a little exercise we are carrying out on Wednesday evening about therapy using photographs and regression etc - should be fun!  

I have great pleasure in reproducing one of the snaps I found which portrays a young pretender to the throne in his first car - the dolly bird on the bonnet is dear Sister Cate who was around 14 at the time . . . This was taken in the first house that I remember living in although I was about 18 months old when we left I still have vivid memories of it and, curiously enough, many years later I ended up living in an identical one and have to say, for whatever reason, it was one of my most beloved abodes and I was truly sad to leave it.

As the shopping is calling me I suppose I'd better leave you to it; please have more tea and biscuits and make yourself at home . . . I shan't be too long but before I go I'd like to leave you with a lovely poem by Rafal Zabratynski  called "Faster and Faster" (which can be found at 


So simple and yet so beautiful . . . and, no, I wasn't going to add "just like myself" you are all very wicked!

'til next time

Be Seeing You !


  1. lovely blog , great picture to , the age of innocence bet the car was a lot cheaper to run to lol.

  2. It is an interesting work by Rafal Zabratynski, but posted without permission: weblink

    all my best,

    Alan Summers

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  4. How odd, I would never have heard or even read a poem by Rafal Zabratnski if you hadn't posted it. Wouldn't you think they would want the publicity/exposure. But as they say "there's nowt so queer as folk"

  5. Only just seen your comment HKM - I totally concur!