Sunday, 20 February 2011

Good Morning Dear Friends . . .

Welcome to the latest in a series of very tardy and lax postings; a whole week has passed since last we spoke and for an almost daily blog ( which is what it is described as) that is surely something approaching shocking!  Anyway, with apologies out of the way we can get on with the business of catching up and that is, as Mma Ramostswe of the No 1 Ladies Detective Agency would undoubtedly agree, never done better than in the company of a cup of tea . . . I'll pop the kettle on . . .

My mood of tiredness and irritability of last Sunday persisted for much of the week along with increasing aches, pains and sniffles until I believed I was about to be subjected to another viral attack; I felt so rough that I was forced to cancel my Friday client sessions which is not something I do lightly . . . the pains are still with me - my right arm and elbow are incredibly painful but this is because of some form of tennis elbow or RSI due no doubt to bad ergonomics on my desk - but I seem to have had a stroke of luck or two which has  allowed just a little sunshine to drip into my cloudy day . . .

The first drip was when I received my monthly counselling publication and was interested to read of a local branch of an organisation that seems to offer a service to children which ties in very nicely to my professional leanings; I contacted them and will hopefully be meeting up soon to discuss my possible involvement, which I find both encouraging and exciting.

The second occurred when I was chatting to Sister Eileen on Thursday and she remarked that she had seen a property advertised that I might be interested in; she gave me the details and I  immediately thought that it would have been snapped up as soon as it was advertised because of its location and desirability, however, I gave them a ring and was invited to view it on Saturday morning . . .  handshakes were exchanged and when the ink dries on Thursday I will, with any luck, have a  new location from which to post these blogs!
Myrtle House is one of two Victorian town houses slumbering in a sleepy backwater and sheltering in the shadow of The Parish Church of All Saints.  It is a most peculiar shape and layout - but all the more appealing for that - and should allow a certain amount of creative activities to take place in quiet and solitude which is something I crave badly! It has just enough space for me, my books and, of course, Sal and is hopefully going to provide me with a base for the next phase of my creative life along with a name for my publications website - of which more later!

It will be strange to leave the BPS having spent the past 8 years here; I will miss its very sun-filled aspects and feeling of space but will not miss the very negative day to day conditions that greatly erode creativity and positiveness. It is sad that I have spent so much time and energy - not to mention money - turning it into a real home, only to have my peace and solitude constantly denied by those who live around me, ah me!

So now I have the prospect of packing up my troubles in my old kit bag and smiling as I stride off into the sunset; it's only when one begins to face the reality of all the people and organisations one has to contact in order to simply say"this is my new address" that realisation dawns about just how connected and monitored we all are these days, scary!  Re-reading this I am reminded of the old phrase "many a slip 'twixt cup and lip" and hope that I am not jumping the gun in announcing this; nothing should go wrong but . . . I think I'll believe it when I'm sitting in the new library typing my first post to you all!  You can all help by thinking positively for me, if you will, and I will invite you round for a virtual tour when I am safely ensconced.

Other snippets of happenings from the last week included meeting up with the old Duchess in Nero on Monday; she was returning a book on old Wigan that I had lent her and just as we were discussing it the author of said tome Geoff Shryane came in and spent a few minutes chatting to her about it which, I have to say, proved to be a little high point in her day - thanks for that Geoff!

On Wednesday, and  much against my better judgement, I was enticed to the cinema to watch The King's Speech; I have never been a great fan of Mr Firth, his previous offerings reminding me of something purchased in pre-sawn lengths from DIY establishments but I have to say I was more than impressed by his performance in this all-round brilliant film. I tend to ignore all the blurb about so-called blockbuster films and so was greatly pleased to see that Geoffrey Rush was also starring; he is one of my favourite actors, Shine being a wonderful film. The entire production was a joy and for once the honours heaped upon it are indeed well deserved.

And now my tea has become cold and I need to get on with my day; a very patient black and tan terrier type will need to be springing out into the wild blue yonder very soon and, needing to accompany her, I shall have to attend to my beautification . . . I hope you have a stunning Sunday and if you can all keep your fingers crossed for me I will love you all forever!

'til next time

Be Seeing You !


  1. Brill news ! Such a shame that our esteemed Council could not extract their fingers and move you before now. I hope you and Sal et al are very happy in your new abode xxx

  2. Thats fantastic news , Sal should be pleased and excited , a new home to investigate.No troublesome neighbours to bother you , Moving is hard work though so plan ahead and get organised.