Tuesday, 1 February 2011

"February is Merely as Long as is Needed to Pass the Time until March."*

Good Morning Dear Friends!

Once again I wish you the joys of the morning; especially this one as not only should it contain the pleasure of albino triplets of the order lagomorpha**, which is reason enough to throw caution to the winds and celebrate wildly but is also the birthday of two lovely people who I have the pleasure of knowing personally:

The first named being a certain Mr Ian Henderson who, whilst being a knowledgeable chap and decidedly handsome rogue, pales into mere stunningness besides the area of outstanding natural beauty that is Ms Lissy Clements who celebrates her 16th today!  I hope you both have an astoundingly wonderful day!

I have, for once, a day with little lined up to do - except all the usual coursework  naturally - but I do have an invitation to take tea with an old friend who I haven't see for a while so that should be good; the venue being Nero I shall take my trusty laptop and forge on with the poetry collection whilst waiting . . . there is something so enjoyable about sitting in a café writing - I'm sure some of you uncharitables out there substituted "posing" there - how could I possibly pose with a Dell notebook?  Now, with an iMac Air that would be quite a different matter . . .

But the poetry is going well . . . well, it isn't really poetry, just doggerel but amusingly so I hope.  The idea behind it is to introduce the idea of poetry and language to children in Key Stage Two - that's those between sort of seven to eleven years old.  The language used is fairly accessible but has a smattering of "difficult" words and perhaps unusual concepts included to provide opportunities for further work and investigation.  I will, of course, be writing lesson plans and whatnot for teachers to use and would love to go in and perform some of the poems . . . just an old ham, aren't I !

Other than that I am going to spend the day recovering from the weekend which involved the near self-immolation of a neighbour and the resulting damage and distress hangs over the BPS like a pall; time to throw open the windows and let the sweet breath of Spring freshen my life a little - although as Spring is around 6 weeks away I shall have to make do with February's grey damp caress instead!

The rest of the week pans out pretty much as normal with clients and client-related business taking up pretty much all of it . . . I had the exceptional pleasure of working with a counsellor colleague with clients for the first time yesterday; it was an interesting experience and one which I believe worked so well clinically . . . sadly, it looks as if Tessa (the colleague in question) will be departing these shores for the delights of home in LA pretty soon and will be sorely missed!

Allons! I should be about my business as should you - do you really have time for that extra cup of tea whilst you read this balderdash? You do? How very fortunate for you! If you're popping the kettle on I may well dash round and join you . . . otherwise I will wish you an absolutely stunning day filled with all pleasures and treasures temporal, corporeal and spiritual . . .

'til next time

Be Seeing You !

* Attributed to Dr J R Stockton - whoever that may be!
**White Rabbits x 3!

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  1. Great post today hun....
    was going to see if you are free for tea and cake on friday.... as its my birthday on thursday!!!..... but sounds like you have a busy week ahead...... let me know when you have a vacancy in your schedule! xxx