Saturday, 5 February 2011

Ex Libris

Good Morning lovely people - how are you?

It's actually a very dark and dismal and appallingly wet morning - much the kind of day I love to spend in my library by the fire with a book or seven, passing the time by expanding my literary experiences - not so today though as I'm off to the Vale of the Deer Crossing for a damp day in the country . . . 

Today is also National Save Our Libraries Day when we are being encouraged to use our libraries in excelsis in order to prove to the Government who - let us not fool ourselves here -  really don't give a toss about anyone but themselves, that we the common rabble should be allowed a little access to education and learning and that that access shouldn't come with an admission charge!  It is a truly appalling state of affairs that those who have never known want or need decide that the only way they can keep their coffers filled is by taking away the very organisations that not only are a focal point of activity for communities but also allow access to books, cd's, dvd's* and the internet for the very many people  who simply could not afford these 'luxuries'

I hear you say that it is the local authorities who are being forced to close libraries; that's true, in the face of the cuts that are being implemented in order to prop up the banks and pay bonuses and allow companies and individuals to get away with massive - and I mean billions of pounds worth - of avoided tax . . . it is a very clear cut case of rocks and hard places!

I use my public library in Wigan an excessively large amount; admittedly I don't use it for internet access as mine is not one of the 1 in 5 households still without access, but for everything else it is a fantastic resource.  In Wigan we are lucky enough to have a brilliant Museum of Wigan Life which holds the most interesting evenings about historical topics and which I also attend; are these gems about to get the chop? It would be a sad day for us all . . .

I'm sorry I appear to have been ranting and haven't even offered you a cup of tea yet . .  . look, you'll have to help yourself, is that okay?  I have to dash and sort myself out for my rural retreat - as well as trying to persuade certain beasties that a walk in the rain is not such a bad thing . . . I believe I would have more success getting a free iMac out of Davey Boy Cameron that getting the good and famous Sal to shift her haunches in this weather . . . oh hum!

So just a brief word or two to let you now I still love having you here;  I shall try and regale you with something slightly more amusing soon.  Have a wonderful day and go and borrow a book or dvd or something and sit by your fireside and think how lucky you are - for the moment!

'til next time

Be Seeing You !

* I am aware there is a very small charge made for the loan of these items, normally £1 for two or three weeks hire, much less than the cost of buying them

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