Saturday, 26 February 2011

Anyone for Tennis - Hell!

My Dear Friends!

Here we are, on a Saturday night, not too far away from the witching hour and yours truly is bravely facing the excruciating pain of the ludicrously-monikered tennis-elbow to bring you what little news there is from the Bijou Penthouse Suite . . . I'm also painfully aware that it has been another week since last we spoke; I really can only apologise profusely but the simple fact of the matter is that I have so many things to do and not enough time in which to do them . . . anyhow, here I am for a brief update and hope that will, for the moment, suffice.

Everything went more or less swimmingly with the new house and so come the first day of Spring I shall be ensconced in Myrtle House and hopefully a web page of the same name will be up and, if not running, at least hobbling around a little . . .  The focus of that page will be, like this one, words but these ones will be more in a book type format; I've got two wee publications on the boil at the moment that, media whore that I am, I want to publicise shamelessly on the MH site; also a couple of other publishers have contacted me with a view to doing bit on their latest offerings, complete with competitions and giveaways so you will not only be able to wallow in my words but maybe get some freebies along the way!

Packing up the BPS is, as always, something of a nightmare; I could probably fit most of my furniture into a Fiat Punto but need something along the lines of an Edwin Shirley juggernaut to fit in all my books! In between now and the planned exodus I also have a residential weekend away in Whalley Abbey which I'm sure will be fun; I am in the process of collecting wet-wipes, shoe boxes and old clothes for that . . . the mind boggles, does it not! This however, takes away valuable sorting, throwing away, recycling and packing the remainder time and so although under control at the mo a wee sprig of panic is beginning to unfurl it's tendrils!  Help!

Monday sees a quite important milestone too; it is my liver's very first re-birth day and we shall be celebrating with a glass of bubbly (water) or two!  It's hard to comprehend that after around 35 years of professional drinking I have actually spent the last 12 months without a single drop of the demon brew passing any part of my semi-permeable membrane - that doesn't sound anatomically correct, does it? - anyhow, you get the general gist . . . the brewers loss has been Nero's gain as sales of green tea have rocketed, not to mention cheesecake . . . I said NOT to mention cheesecake!

My wrist, elbow and all points in between are causing me a great deal of discomfort now and so I will sign off and leave you to what is left of Saturday night; I will keep you informed about the Myrtle House venture and wish you a wonderfully warm and welcoming weekend

'til next time

Be Seeing You !

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  1. the offer of assistance and loan of Rosie stands xxx