Sunday, 13 February 2011

All Aboard the Skylark . . .

Good Morning Dear Friends . . .

It is Sunday morning, grey, cold wet and windy and, as is de rigueur on these occasions, bloody miserable!  I can't believe I haven't posted for nearly a week; life just keeps getting in the way it seems and throwing all kinds of obstacles in my path . . . never mind, here I am at last.

I've just had to edit my last post and remove the short poem I had included; evidently even though I credited correctly, posted where the poem could be found and even told the author I had quoted it here, it went against his wishes which, I suppose, one has to respect. Frankly, I did find his reaction a bit arsey but then again I suppose that's his prerogative . . . 

I think my (over)reaction to his comments tell me that I'm getting more than a little weary of the things that people think it's okay to subject one to; I seem to have had nothing but a tide of negativity washing over me in my interactions with folk, ah me!  I probably need a break; a change of scene for a while to recharge the currently never-ready's  and regain some perspective . . . It is time to get my Pac A Mac and head off to Venice for a month or so . . . or Stratford Upon Avon . . . or somewhere wet that isn't Wigan!

It is at times like this that one begins to reconsider happiness; this photograph represents for me the last time I remember being really and truly happy; I was about ten years old and lived in a Ladybird world - at least in my head - and had achieved my ambition of being the Nature Table Monitor at school under the watchful eye of the indomitable Hilda Docker who was a fantastic inspiration but who, for years I was conscious of having let down in some way, by never having achieved her dreams for me of Oxbridge.  Although I was born and grew up in a rather poor area of Wigan I lived for all intents and purposes in books and spent the days with the Famous Five and Alice and tramping the heathland looking for rare butterflies courtesy of a wide range of reading materials.  These days the real world has a dreadful propensity to intrude; I can't say that it is a trait of which I am greatly enamoured!

On the positive side, I have managed to begin cobbling together the outline of a new story which, being a sort of family murder type thing, is quite a departure from my normal genre and I've also written the first two chapters of a rather amusing little book for kids all about death.  Like all of my stories and poems these will soon be available at a new WordPress website dedicated to my writings;  I am aiming for a launch date of 21st March, or the vernal equinox which, as a sceptic and devout follower of Sagan, I see as a good omen - hahaha!

Plans for the day include a short trip through the elements to procure some chocolate biscuits and then an afternoon of books and films with maybe, if pushed, a small amount of work thrown in;  I have a mass of work accumulating for my course which needs to be sorted but today my frame of mind has no right angles only wrong ones and so 'tis best to leave it for the moment. 
As I write I notice that I'm also beginning to become increasingly annoyed by my keyboard quirks; I have developed a habit of typing things like 'WHen' i.e. including a second uppercase letter at the start of a sentence and, my particular bête noire, where I transpose the letters in 'from' to 'form' - this is something I do all the time and it irritates the life out of me!

Such irrational sensitiveness to these unimportant aspects confirm that I definitely need to relax and chill today and allow reasonableness to resume; to that end I shall finish here and allow you to enjoy your Sunday which will probably be made easier without the whine of me moaning and whinging in the background!  I hope you make the best of today and the rest of the week.

'til next time

Be Seeing You !

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  1. methinks you should indulge in a spot of retail therapy, wind and rain not withstanding :D. Am away to the delights of the Galleries and Grand White Elephant shortly, as Mama has spotted a vase she must have in TK's your favourite shop ! xxx