Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Trains of Thought . . .

Good Morning Dear Friends . . .

And, as the majority of you are returning to your chains as galley-slaves today, an unfortunately white one - at least here in the Wigwam! Snow has fallen, snow on snow, as the old carol goes and, as I plan my travel and work commitments for the coming week, I wonder what kind of chaos and disturbance this light dusting will cause . . .

I have been absent without leave for the past couple of days; for reasons that I need not bore you with I had a period of non-sleep lasting from Sunday morning up until late last night and consequently was in some degree of physical and cognitive meltdown . . . well, I was tired and ache-filled anyway and so decided to spare you the whingings and befuddlements such symptoms occasion and, instead,  return to you as bright and fresh as a daisy today  . . . hmmm!

I have quite a bit of admin and sorting out to do today as clients and courses slowly begin to re-emerge after the festive break; I am simply amazed at my capacity to switch off from organisational matters given the slightest excuse! However, being the conscientious sort of chap that I am I know that, come Friday and my first return to Bury and my clients, all will be in place; I can only hope that the people in charge of public transport are similarly inclined and the climatic conditions will not be too deep and crisp and even . . . 

I did notice that the price of rail travel has jumped up; my journey to Cheshire - which I will be undertaking once again this Wednesday - has risen by 70p which, according to my rudimentary and somewhat vestigial mathematical abilities is a rise of around 5.5% !  So my travel expenses increase whilst my income remains static . . . hmmm . . . it could be described by less charitable folk as a cut; will the efficiency of the train service increase by a similar amount? Or will I simply pay more to wait for trains that don't arrive . . . one amusing little fact I noticed concerned my Cheshire travel: If I  were to get the train which leaves at just after midnight and takes five hours and forty-four minutes to complete the 45 minute travelling time it would cost me £28.20 and would entail me travelling from Cheshire to Crewe to Manchester to Preston and finally to Wigan, having spent some three hours and forty-nine minutes on platforms - presuming the trains actually ran as stated, of which there is no guarantee!  

What?  I hear shouts of "Anorak" from the audience; Shame on you! But because I love you very much I shall ignore those jibes and simply inform you that: 

"The word 'anorak' comes from the Kalaallisut word anoraq. It did not appear in English until 1924; an early definition is "gay beaded item worn by Greenland women or brides in the 1930s"  Whereas " The word 'parka' is derived from the Nenets language.In the Aleutian Islands the word simply means "animal skin". It first entered the English written record in a 1625 work by Samual Purchas."

With thanks to those lovely people at Wikipedia for that wonderfully diverting information which I am sure will remain lodged in some infernal portion of my fevered memory along with the immortal "there is no medical name for the back of the knees" !

 Ah well, life and time speeds by and I must about my business . . . but before I go I must say I am becoming increasingly entranced by the strange and alien world of equations and mathematical formulae; I find myself breathless when considering that minds can condense down the entire universe into an equation and that, in the main, these equations, these feats of outstandingly, unimaginably unprecedented thought where carried out without the aid of computers or modern day technology but by people using only the available 'wetware' that is the brain!  

But more of that later when I have the time and, it has to be said, the understanding to have even the tiniest idea of the subject . . . I do apologise to passengers awaiting the arrival of  this particular train of thought; it could be quite a long wait!

I hope your day is good and that you meet love, light and happiness wherever you  are and that they follow you wherever you go!

'til next time

Be Seeing You !


  1. Equations eh? You'll be mastering Excel next ! x

  2. No!!! not numbers stick to words.