Saturday, 15 January 2011

Time to Haul the Anchor Up and Leave the Land Astern . . . *

Good Morning Dear Friends!

And looking out of the library window what do I see? Another gray rainy Saturday looking back at me . . . tsk!  Even though it doesn't quite disrupt travel as much as the white stuff I have to say that I'm getting a little tired of this seemingly perpetual precipitation . . . for one thing it certainly dampens one Gekko's !

But welcome to the weekend anyway and what have we got to look forward to? Well, my dear friend from the vale royal is appearing late this afternoon, just in time for tea and scones which will be lovely as always, that will be following on the heels of a trip over to the stately pile to see how fares the Old Duchess . . . once again, the general gloom weather-wise means she doesn't feel that up to toddling out and about as much, but staying in certainly lowers the mood and so the Saturday visits are an attempt to boost morale somewhat . . . it's also a chance to catch up with Sister Cate who seems to be spending an inordinate amount of time flat on her back; this is not due to a much welcomed lapse of morals however, just an example of her propensity to trip and fall from any and all objects, including the Earth.

Another quite shocking piece of news is that, given a fair wind and a gentle current, I may be slackening off the painters and letting the barque drift to new moorings . . .  It is all still  very much up in the air but I have been seeking a new peid a terre for some while and I've just had news that this has become a very real possibility.  I am quite beside myself with excitement;  I have been here for eight years now and, whilst I feel very much at home here and enjoy the space and the light that it does undoubtedly offer, the day to day conditions of living leave much to be desired. . . so, should all go to plan, I should know by High Tea on Monday whether I will be upping sticks and moving my tent onto another location!  One bonus of the new BPS is that it does offer, I believe,  quite a luxurious library space  which can only be good news as I am full to over-flowing here at the moment!

I spent yesterday afternoon in the company of my clients including a delightfully sweet new one who I feel will be wonderful to work with.  It does give one a really warm feeling inside when that connection is made; I think it is true to say that, for a lot of clients, their relationship with the counsellor is very much more intense and intimate than the one they experience with their partners, hence the therapeutic relationship is governed by very strict boundaries. That actually could be one of the main reasons that I enjoy the work and maybe why my clients appear to react so favourably; in relationships it is the intimacy I seek out and relish most and, for the clients, it does engender a feeling of warmth, security and trust . . . Hmmm . . . anyhow, we all had a good time and, before leaving the good burghers of Bury behind, I managed a last quick look at the Moomin exhibition (as mentioned previously in these pages) before setting off for home where I encountered my old friend Dr Tony returning from some research work in the City.  We spent an enjoyable 40 minutes or so  - albeit in a very old, uncomfortable and crowed train with people almost squatting on our shoulders - chatting away and putting the world to rights, as one does.

And now it is today and I must away about my business; my head is still incredibly fuzzy and unpleasant and, before you unkind folk out there get a chance to respond with a " it matches your phizog then!" I shall do it for you! My forehead feels like a boulder-strewn highway that I must walk down in stocking feet whilst wearing a blindfold . . . what a curious image! . . . anyhow, I've nearly finished the much detested antibiotics to no apparent benefit except a dodgy digestive system and a fear of sneezing in public places! 

But no matter!  The day calls and I must slap and tickle the BPS into some kind of shape before my visitor arrives; I wish you the very best of Saturdays and, like the Co Op ads advise, spend it wisely doing things you really want to, not things you feel you should! And, as it used to say over the piano at my Great Aunt Florence's "Enjoy yourself - it's later than you think!"

'til next time

Be Seeing You !

* "Go and tell Lord Grenville that the tide is on the turn;time to haul the anchor up and leave the land astern; we'll be gone before the dawn returns . . . like voices in the wind..."

Lord Grenville Al Stewart Year of the Cat

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