Thursday, 27 January 2011

The Note Book of Jobs . . .

Good Morning my lovelies - how the devil are you?

It seems a positive age since last we spoke and broke bread together, and in between? Well, more of the usual really . . .

On the work front I finally got to meet one of my fellow counsellors in the shape of Tessa, a lovely girl from California.  We are planning a group session together for two of our clients and finally managed to get our diaries to converge and had a productive and enjoyable meeting . . .
As far as college is concerned I somehow sat down yesterday morning and rattled off an assignment  - which left me somewhat in shock - and spent yesterday evening discussing intimacy and, in the process, came up with an idea and title for a new publishing venture, of which more later when I have some idea what I'm talking about!

Today, being a Thursday, I'm meeting up with the Old Duchess who, thankfully, seems to be rallying a little and eating slightly more; we are off the the Halls of Plenty to do a shop for her and pick up a few things I need for the weekend - I'm actually planning to venture into the kitchen for more than tea and toast which will make a very welcome change!  Although it is now after nine am it is still relatively dull and dark;  I hope the weather picks up a tad soon as I think we all benefit from just a hint of sunlight in these dark winter months, the OD seems to be a case in point and so, for her benefit, I want you all to think sunshine, thank you!

In the middle of that last paragraph I had a breakdown, well two.  

Now before you start rushing 'round with your grapes, sympathy and "33 Ways to a New You after Becoming a Nutter" books I should point out that it was merely Firefox throwing a hissy fit! This has happened a few times in recent weeks and I'm becoming a tad concerned; of course I know that I'm running my system with less RAM than I should - in that respect my PC resembles a farm exclusively containing lesbian sheep - and in fact I have been investigating the possibility of extending that particular part of my system - not in a sapphic sense you understand - the trouble is I want a new one and, to be honest, nothing else will do!

This is a recurring problem.  In many ways I'm not a prototypical bloke; I don't like sport, I like shopping.  I don't enjoy the company of men very much, I prefer to listen to women. In film I prefer cerebral works of intensity rather than shoot'em up action movies  . . . BUT, and as you can see, it is a rather large one, I am somewhat of a ʞǝǝƃ when it comes to technology . . . and therein lies the issue!  Oh lord, I can hear you think, he's going off on one again and yes, sadly, dear readers you know me too well . . . I am going off on one, and that one is again about what I want and not what I need!

I want a new system. I want an iMac system. It is beauty and technology combined in such a way that it cannot fail to make me a better writer, stud muffin and all round more beautiful human being . . . the resulting works will move you in such a way that your lives will be transformed; you will transcend the everyday worries and cares that currently blight your drab, wretched existence; your days will be filled with love, laughter and light . . . so you see it would be selfish of me not to get a new iMac wouldn't it?

So why haven't I done this great service to humanity yet? well, very simply dear friends, it is down to the spondulicks, the green stuff, the filthy lucre! Yesterday I was costing up the extra RAM I need and it would cost me about £26 - and even that would be a struggle to come up with so the few thousand I would need to transfer my allegiance from Bill to Steve is, at the moment, beyond reach.  

And that is one of the prices I pay for the life I lead.  I did have money, once, sort of . . . I had a tailor and a wine merchant - though not for very long . . . and I managed to accrue debts as we all do, but the price I paid for that kind of life was, I found, too much . . . at a risk of being an old hippy once again, money isn't everything  . . . although it does go a long way towards furnishing me with an iMac Air . . . I have built up a way of being over the years that I think helps me to produce some very interesting works; however, it doesn't translate that well into the standard 9-5 day . . . I don't work that way very well;  I become dull and resentful and a less than useful member of the enterprise . . . and so it seems I'm destined to work the way I do and live the life I do and so, until I'm up there with JK Rowling in terms of sales, I will have to get the begging bowl out and go and buy some RAM!  Interestingly, the K is redundant and doesn't actually stand for anything; maybe I should add another initial to my name, although I quite like I Mac . . .

And with that final shot across the bows of the good ship Sanity I shall cease my witterings for the moment; It's a lonely old business this creative genius lark and, should you feel the urge, please leave a comment after this pile of dingos doo's; it helps to spur me on to greater things, though, of course , that may be exactly the result you're trying to avoid . . . clever!  In any case I hope you have extracted some pleasure from these ramblings; may your day be as light-filled and happy as a devout glow-worm in the midst of a religious experience

'til next time

Be Seeing You !


  1. Hahaha enjoyed all the rattling on Mr I mac lol keep it up. x

  2. Perchance to dream, ah :))) Hope you get the trusty old PC sorted x

  3. loved the witterings and have sent you some sunshine - we are heading to 31 degrees today with 81% humidity so if you could take some of those degrees and a smidge of the humdity it would be much appreciated :p