Saturday, 29 January 2011

False Vacuums or Why Loaded Fridges Are Difficult To Budge *

Good Morning Dear Readers !

And the briefest snow-flurry of words for you to catch on your tongue and taste today as I have several million nigh-impossible things to do before even a photograph of breakfast has a chance to develop . . .

I am somewhat behind schedule due to my late night creating activities: I had planned to write up one of the kids poems for my forthcoming collection (which is rather fetchingly entitled " A Dollop of Doggerel") a rough draft of which I'd quickly penned during the day and, instead, ended up writing two more before finally snuffing the candle out at just after 2 am!

Today, as well as making the long and very frosty journey to the stately pile to see the Old Duchess, I am preparing the BPS for a visit of Vale Royalty which not only includes dusting the spiders and shifting piles of debris from corner to corner but also preparing some kind of comestibles suitable to the occasion . . . what I don't really have time to do, and in fact what I shouldn't be doing at all, is sitting here in the library writing this tosh and piffle for your delectation but then again, when did I ever do what I was supposed to and, similarly, not do what I wasn't, hmmm?

The week has been a busy one culminating yesterday in a counselling session in which I said goodbye to one of my favourite clients.  She thanked me in such effluvious terms that the consulting room was positively soggy with emotion! I had to point out that it was she who had done all the work and made all the progress but the sweet natured creature insisted that I was in some way responsible, which although misguided, was nonetheless very rewarding to hear!

Other than that it has been a week of travelling on trains whilst listening to the wonderful Symphony of Science downloads ( and reading a selection of books including the improbably entitled "The Never-Ending Days of Being Dead" by Marcus Chown which is a very enjoyable brain-tangler and tingler!

Whoops!  It fast approacheth ten and I must to the kitchen hie!  Please excuse the paucity of today's entry - I shall attempt to make up for it in some fashion in the coming days!  If you are stuck for something more satisfying to read you could do much worse than consult the list of blogs at the bottom of this page; I especially recommend my lovely friend and geekess extraordinaire Jules' latest offering (available at ) for a lovely heart-warming tale of bonding, mutual understanding and the eternal Marvel / DC comics debate in  A&E.

May your day be as satisfying as the first stretch of the morning and make your toes wriggle similarly!

'til next time

Be Seeing You !

* eternal questions which Marcus tackles admirably! 

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