Friday, 21 January 2011

A Brief History of Time ✫*¨*.¸.✶*¨`*.✫*¨*

Good Evening Dear Friends

And welcome, once again, to Friday evening . . . another week sped by and here sits yours truly after a long days journey into Bury and an even longer one back with people sat on my shoulders once more .  . ah me!

I had a rather marvellous occurrence last night - or rather early this morning; I was chatting on Twitter to my lovely Canadian friend GeekyJules and she drew my attention to some music and video that, wonders of wonders, instantly sparked and tickled my jaded palate . . . so much so that the music at least made it's way to my iPod and has accompanied me all through the day!

The music in question is from Symphony of Science and is, in my opinion, both educational and beautiful to listen to; it features lots of famous people sampled and vocally digitised to allow them to 'sing' their words . . . very clever indeed! If you visit the site  - - you can watch and / or download for free . . . here's a wee sample:

I was also thrilled to see that a great hero of mine from the past was featured heavily; the wonderful but sadly late Carl Sagan who populated my youthful mind with wonder and amazement with his series "Cosmos" and who wrote a short story which later was adapted to become "Contact" with Jodie Foster - a fantastic film! 

Anyhow, I hope you get the urge and opportunity to visit the site - I shall doubtless pop back and have another browse later on . . .I don't know if it will have the same impact and effect on you but it's really caused me to think deeply about lots of things, not just science . . . hmmm! On a related theme you can also visit Jule's website where the above video is featured along with the words and which is a cornucopia of wonderfulness and eclectic eccentricity; try out and see what you think!

Tomorrow sees me off to Deer Crossing for a day of  going (not very) wild in the country  - despite Annabel's urgings*  - and a day away from the town and its hustle and bustle . . . I am so looking forward to it; so relaxing and restful . . . the one thing I notice there is the silence, something I miss living in the BPS.

And that, my dear ones, is just about it I think; my poor old wetware is somewhat overloaded this evening and probably needs some green tea and a good book to revive it and so I shall leave you to your evening and hope it is bountifully overflowing with everything you desire and require !

'til next time

Be Seeing You !

* Annabel and Bow Wow Wow "Go Wild in the Country" 1982

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