Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Absit Omen *

Good Morning All!

An early start to a misty twisty day, helped along the way by the rhythmic hammering of nails into walls by some sleep-deprived neighbour just before six this morning !  I have already downed tea and toast and am ready to take whatever the day shall throw at me . . . or possibly sink back to the sleep my body craves . . . hmmm . . . difficult one that!  But no, I have things to do and places to be and be back from in order to try and attend yesterday's cancelled meeting regarding a possible new venue for my life . . .

In order to achieve this I intend to begin today's votive  - which of course I have -  and then pause and resume it at some later point with, I hope, good news . . . I do hope that it can be concluded today as on Wednesday I have the part of my counselling diploma that I have been dreading and which I abhor; we are required to record an hours counselling session and evaluate it . . . I have had such bad experiences in 'other places' with this procedure that it has become my particular bête noire  but one that must be faced - as all such beasties should!  So with the help of a couple of stalwarts, said beast should be done and dusted by tomorrow evening . . . however, to do this I will require what wits I have to be about me in abundance - and worrying about extraneous stuff will be a bugbear and a distraction.  It is good for me to remember, at times like this, that others are also going through seven circles of hell in similar circumstances; I  hope for a satisfactory conclusion for them also; strangely enough it seems that this morning is the time for all to be concluded -  fingers crossed!

I am off to beautify now and will leave you - albeit temporarily -  with one of those mythical and fantastically temporaneous short corridors otherwise known as:

* * * A Brief Passage of Time * * *

Well, Hello! And here we are again, after the aforementioned corridor of Chronos and following a meeting which, rather than settle things for me, has introduced a most awful and dreadfully devil-and-the-deep-blue-sea dichotomy into the proceedings  . . . of which, possibly more at a later date; suffice it to say it  involves a most horrendous decision which will, ultimately, place me in a lose/lose situation . . . ah me!

Along with causing me untold woe and grief it also casts a shadow over tomorrow's coursework - something I wanted to avoid at all costs! - and whilst it could form a suitable background  subject for discussion there is always the possibility that I would dissolve into blubs and never recover!  I suppose, like the vertically-challenged judge, it is opne of those small things sent to try us . . .  I shall attempt to be strong and beat this particular problem into a cocked hat as I have with others before.

The evening is before me now;  I had a brief soiree  - if you can have one of those in the afternoon - with Sister Cate when I did green tea and cheesecake admonish for being so delightfully tempting and myself berate for having no willpower at all! It was good to be back in Nero again - it seems ages since I last visited . . . there have probably been redundancies due to fall in profits . . . anyhow, I entered on donkey-back and my way was strewn with palms so I think they were glad to see me . . . though I have a premonition that by Friday they may be cross . . . forgive my flippancy fish-people!

I have things to consider and words to write and so I must be away to other times and places rather than here and now albeit with friendly faces . . . I hope your evening is splendid and that you are so relaxed that, when bedtime comes, you are able to be posted 'twixt duvet and sheet like a serene snoozy synopsis of all things lovely and sweet!

'til next time

Be Seeing You !

* "Let this not be a bad omen". Expresses the wish that something seemingly ill-boding does not turn out to be an omen for future events, and calls on divine protection against evil.

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  1. Good luck for your recording and evaluation , hope it goes well for you. :)