Sunday, 5 December 2010

Writing By Numbers *

Good Morning my lovelies!

And following a freezingly foggy but thankfully silent night I awake to an icing sugar snowfall morning and a day of possibilities . . . one of which must be an extended poochlet parade as she seems to have been relatively housebound for days and although stoic in her silentness her boredom levels must be climbing . . .  another is, of course, the dreaded reading for the OU which is now an ogre waiting to eat me all up and also a ridiculous state of affairs as a couple of hours will see it sorted and myself a free man, rather than a number . . .

Interestingly, as I wrote that I asked myself, what exactly is wrong with a number?  They represent the language of the cosmos! Numbers are fascinating and mysterious and yet we consider them below our humanity; I suppose it comes from the very Orwellian view that is encompassed by bigbrotherness and uniformity and lack of singularity . . . we would perhaps say 'reduced' to a number; but numbers can be logical, positive, negative, natural, rational, complex and perfect which, excepting maybe the last, so can we . . . maybe I am interested in them because, in my eyes, they represent a relatively unknown language to decipher . . . 

And let's consider that word 'decipher'; the word cipher was, in former times, a representation of zero; as we decipher are we  'un-zeroing'? What a lovely concept! I've just been reading about zero and it is truly fascinating; it says that "Zero is an even number because it is divisable by 2" that statement alone is enough to confuse and intrigue me!   Cipher is also used in cryptography to describe an algorithm for encryption or decryption . . .  which of course comes from crypt or in Latin crypta meaning concealed or private . . . fascinating!

You must forgive me tumbling like a dove ( or falling like Alice?) through the wealth of information that exists and which I know nothing about!  I adore how how door leads to another until we are lost in the labyrinth and our sense of direction is, like our metaphors, well and truly mixed!  

In between all that and all this, myself and my canine counterpart struggled manfully and dogfully - or should that be bitchily? - through the weather with myself becoming immobile at one point due to slippy underfootedness and a very adverse camber . . . I stopped for a moment and then could not move; every tiny shift caused me to glide like Sonja Henie except possibly without her grace and artistry . . . people passing by gave me no help but desultory glances, although I did get a 6.5 from the Norwegian judge!

Since writing those two paragraphs the fog has once again descended and it is turning into a very sit-at-home-and-watch-black-and-white-films type of day or perhaps something like Fargo . . .or maybe even do my reading? Hmmm . . . we shall see . . . I hope that whatever the day holds for you you manage it in comfort and joy - whoops I am reminded by that phrase to wish the Christians amongst you a very happy Second Sunday in Advent - and if you do decide to venture forth to do so with alacrity, positiveness and a good pair of boots!

I shall leave you to your own devices; do have a lovely one

'til next time

Be Seeing You !


 * An obvious reference to one of the films by my favourite director Peter Greenaway "Drowning By Numbers"


  1. Dont like numbers , hahaha Wuthering heights black and white film for me on days like this. but not today off to Manchester to see War of the Worlds musical.

  2. I have 37 hours a week worth of numbers would you like some lol ! x