Monday, 13 December 2010

Watching for A Shooting Star to Fall Down from the Sky . . . ✫.¸¸.

Oh hello! I didn't realise it was that time already! Please, come in, sit down . . . I'll send for tea . . . You must excuse me if I don't stay with you long . . .

So here we are on a Monday evening and, whilst not exactly firing on all pistons like a race-bred Ferrari, I am more or less ticking over like a rather nice Morris Traveller which, at my age and condition, is not too bad really; talking of such matters, did I tell you of my dream road-trip idea?
Well, my very closest and oldest friend - in every sense of the word who will, incidentally, be trying to forget that it is in fact his birthday on the 18th of this month -  and I had this idea to travel the length and breadth of England in one of these rather lovely Elizabethan half-timbered cars, visiting on the way all our old haunts both as a couple and from our individual childhoods. This is a variation on a theme as we did also want to do something similar by barge though I must admit the car is rather more versatile and picturesque . . . as you can see from the accompanying photograph there is adequate space in the back for most activities and it also makes a convenient shooting-break even if, like the depiction of myself in said photographic image, ones tweeds were not exactly what the Squire had in mind - though my legs do look rather shapely , don't you think?  

Another friend of mine had one for years and loved it with a passion that was positively bordering on the obscene; I have owned one - or possibly two - but neither was ever well enough to move under their own steam and, as the church mouse in charge of the finances declared there was a freeze on, the vehicles had to go . . .

Anyhow, that was then and this is now; I met up with the OD today who was less than well and who I dispatched homeward very swiftly indeed following a small repast in Nero . . . it has been a rather damp and cheerless day; there are rumours of a rather fine set of meteor showers this evening though any chances of seeing them from this part of the world are positively displaying symptoms of  body dysmorphia and a quite severe eating disorder! And, I believe, the temps are set to plummet toward the weekend . . . ah me!  Before that, however, is tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow . . . let us see what each one brings, eh!

My dear friends, as I toss this wordy salad around in an attempt to provide nourishment for your eyes and brain, the gremlins in my throat are beginning to wreak havoc and I have an urge to down some of the wonderful Sanderson's Specific - a concoction that has been around forever, tastes vile, but surely does what it says on the bottle if what it says is "sorts a throat out quicker than a garrote and is less subtle" ! I can thoroughly recommend it and do frequently - however, at the moment my medicine chest is sadly lacking such medicament and so a cup of tea and some form of analgesia is the next best thing . . .

I hope you have enjoyed this evening's brief foray into my world; may you sleep deep and with a conscience as clear as crystal and as refreshing as a mountain stream . . . I did have the urge to write 'goat' there but was good . . . for a change!

'til next time

Be Seeing you !

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  1. Knowsley Safari Park in the back of one of those with a lion trying to chew the wood off!