Sunday, 12 December 2010

There is No Love that Does not Pierce the Hands and Feet *

Good Morning Dear Friends!

First of all may I thank your for your forbearance in the face of extreme paucity with regard to my postings -  or lack of them -  here over the past few days; I have felt uncommonly torpid and sluggish and, last night in particular, increasingly frustrated with alternating bouts of inability to breathe and violent sneezing and streaming orifices - mainly nasal and ocular you will be relieved to know, although I fear there is no necessity for that kind of anatomical accuracy in such close proximity to luncheon!

It is a bright blue Sunday morning - well, it was up to one minute ago, it is now afternoon! - and having had the benefit of a good four hours sleep since around 5am when I finally managed to embrace Morpheus, I do indeed feel like a new man . . . where to get one is another matter!  So, in the meantime, I'm afraid I will have to do; I hope you don't mind too much?

One positive to emerge like a butterfly from the chrysalis of my recent infirmity is that I have been able to accomplish some long hours of non-interrupted reading - fear not, none of it was the necessary reading required for my OU, heaven forfend! -  among which was the very delightful and thoroughly recommendable "Mr Chartwell" by Rebecca Hunt which, set in 1964, very charmingly links  Esther, a young, vulnerable woman in Battersea; the aging Winston Churchill and the charismatic and dangerously seductive Mr Chartwell of the title who, incidentally, happens to be a large, black dog. The book was a joy to read and resonated loudly with yours truly, as  it will with many of you, I fear!

Another joyful literary outing saw me bouncing along the dusty roads of Botswana to discover the delightful company of Mma Precious Ramotswe, founder and proprietor of the No 1 Ladies' Detective Agency who, along with a cast of unlikely named and sympathetically depicted individuals, populate this engaging work by Alexander McCall Smith.  This is one of the books I had been meaning to read and yet had never quite got around to . . . being laid up with the plague does have some benefits it seems and, should you be unfamiliar with these stories, I would urge you to wait no longer and avail yourself of a copy by whatever means possible!

So, other than more reading, what does the day hold in store for your poor servant? Well, the BPS is looking decidedly shabby after a few days of non-menage, with the evidence of my hirsute canine companion collecting in corners like tumbleweed, and so a brief volta with the vacuum cleaner seems to be in order, along with a passing sojourn at the local German supermarket for some Deutsche Weihnachtsteller of Lebkuchen und so weiter to make me feel perhaps a little brighter and slightly more human . . .

The week ahead includes a meet up with the Old Duchess tomorrow, weather and deities permitting and the final occasions of college and counselling before the festive break . . . it all seems to have  happened rather quickly and I fear 2010 is another year that appears to have sped by in an augenblick; it did seem to take place whilst I was busy with other things!  However, I shall be continuing with this flimsy fabrication throughout the yuletide and hope that, should all other forms of entertainment and diversion desert you, you may find your way through the snowy landscape to the warm glow of the library where a welcome always awaits your delightful and very much appreciated company.

'til next time

Be Seeing you !

* The PowerBook by Jeanette Winterson p128 - another stunning read!

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  1. good to see you are feeling more yourself again x