Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Ring Solstice Bells . . .

And A very merry and suitably festively frozen Winter Solstice to you all!

It is the first day of Winter and as frozen and as white as it should be!

First of all, you may have noticed a lack of posts in the past few days; well, I decided that I was spending a lot of time and effort writing and thinking and whatnot when I could have used the energy elsewhere, and so, given the less than enthusiastic responses I have received to this blog, I have done just that.  It has been a useful exercise, writing every day, and has given me an idea of the discipline I need to develop and establish; I've also enjoyed it in the main; and the friends who have responded have really cheered me up and spurred me on with their encouragement.

It actually makes me feel quite sad to do this but, for the present at least, I feel it is time to let this blog become what it becomes;  the need and the urgency to prove I can write it every day has gone and instead I will write it when, and if, I feel I want to.

Thanks for visiting me; it was very much appreciated.

'til next time

Be Seeing You !

Today's post is dedicated to the memory of James McLoughlin who died on this day in 1979.


  1. I for one will miss your posts. I haven't always commented but read every one. Thank you for the insight, however brief, into the world of Ian and Sal, it's been an education and a pleasure xxx

  2. I too will miss your posts, as i told you over green tea and muffins the other day, i read your blog every morning!.

    I may not comment on every post, but will miss my daily read. x

  3. I will miss the blog to , although i guess you are very busy with other tasks and we at the boutique will still look forward to visits from yourself and Sal. x