Thursday, 16 December 2010

The North Wind Doth Blow . . .

Good Evening Dear Friends . . . how are you?

Once again the darkness of nearly-winter envelops the BPS with promises of snow and ice on their way from Northern parts . . .  a friend in Orkney tells of much and many falls in her bit of the frozen tundra and I shiver in anticipation - and lack of heating; I really must switch it on!

Since last night, following an illuminating session concerning how I reacted when I first discovered that not every seven-year old boy liked light entertainment and show business ("Give me a boy until he is seven and I shall give you Danny La Rue in Charley's Aunt"!), it seems that  I have finally done with learning until next year - Hurrah! Although I have work enough to carry me through the break - oh hum! 

Weather permitting, tomorrow is the last counselling session 'til after Yule and so I'm beginning to feel as though the holidays are nearly upon me; to get into the zeitgeist I've spent the afternoon with Sister Cate trolling around the shops and drinking in both the atmosphere and the inevitable green tea accompanied by lemon and poppy-seed muffins all served with relish and humour by the motley crew at Nero . . . but in a very near reversion to anti-type I've also spent a not inconsiderable amount of time on the 'phone trying to get any or some kind of sense from the staff at the OD's doctors . . . following a change in medication she has become quite ill as I have mentioned previously and so I've been trying to sort it - some 7 hours and six phone calls later I have been given the self same advice I myself gave her at 9.30 this morning: don't take the medication and see if you stop feeling ill!  It really is a joke,  a very sick one at that,  if you'll pardon the nearly-pun . . . one cannot help but feel that, after a certain number of years on this Earth the medicos lose interest - a case of diminishing returns perhaps . . .

However, let us not become too jaded in our outlook and instead seek to see the positive in as many situations as possible . . . I do love the depiction of stark realism that exists in this blog, don't you? Talking of which I would love to discover just how you [icture the BPS and its library; what drifts through your mind when you read this? Besides the usual " Oh dear lord, not again!" I mean!  I would love to read your ideas about my ideas, as it were . . . why not jot a couple of them down in the comments box and give me something to read for a change?  You are under absolutely no obligation of course, but I would find it very interesting . . .

Probably a lot more interesting than you have found my writings of late I'm sure;to be quite honest it is quite difficult to be objective about this kind of business - I write alone and speak to emptiness; the words appear on the screen and disappear into the ether - how does one gauge peoples reactions?   I think it almost behoves you to put me out of your misery! Fear not, goodly folk, I jest . . . I also reminded myself of Robert Robinson on Ask the Family then . . . dear lord!

Anyhow, enough of this small homosexual chicken*, I think it is time I laid my weary head upon the pillow and left you, once again, to the peace and tranquility of the night.  I do hope you sleep well and that the weather doesn't hinder any of our plans too badly!

'til next time

Be Seeing you !

* Obviously gay bantam, a weak play on gay banter . . . yes?

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  1. I have still shopping to do , so it does hinder my plans lol , although to appear more possitive i do love the white stuff brings back childhood memmories that warm the heart. God knows if me or shoop will get to the Boutique this week hahaha.