Saturday, 25 December 2010

It Came Upon A Midnight Clear . . .

... and is now, at just after four in the afternoon fast approaching its conclusion! May I wish each and every one of my dear friends, wherever you may be, the most joyous and marvellously Merry Christmas Day!

For a change I am seated in the Morning Room and typing this upon my delightful wee mini notebook as the main PC is trying to find some images for me on a rather corrupt CD and is otherwise engaged! One of the images in question is that of Cordelia Molyneux - the old Duchess' Grandmother who died on this day eighty years ago in 1930.

She was a rum old fruit; had children by at least three different fathers, and came from somewhere called the Nook in Shevington being born in 1868.  She lived in various locations including Crooke, Wigan and Glace Bay in Nova Scotia!  Her father was a shoemaker and came from Parbold.  Her mother was a Bimson - a family that I have managed to trace back to the 1600's . . .  She died in Billinge Hospital when the OD was a mere 7 years old . . .  so though we may have to wait a while for the image to appear I would like to dedicate today's post to her memory!

So how have you spent the day?  I have had a beautifully silent time; walking and reading - though not at the same time - and have just spent an enjoyable time watching Shrek 3 on TV - rather amusing and fluffy enough for the day.  Plans for the evening are fluid to say the least, probably more of the same and augmented by several delicious titbits as the festive period demands.  It is rather delicious to spend a day in silence - although I have spoken to close friends and family - and I have received a host of texts from well-wishers, which is warming and welcome.

I hope that you have had a lovely day and that it has been filled with peace, love and not too many arguments about who should have the final Quality Street . . . I wonder if the chap with the purple top hat is still waiting for the lady in the crinoline?  From the tin I mean, they were always in a street near a shop with bay windows, snow falling and perhaps in the background a horse and carriage? Ah me!  Remembering confectionery tins from my childhood - it must be Christmas Day!

With best wishes, love and happiness

'til next time

Be Seeing You !


  1. Just to keep you encouraged and writing. Hope the search was successful, how lovely to know your history. Keep writing and have a great New Year:)

    ps it is 7.29 Boxinxg Day here and I am enjoying my early morning cuppa

  2. Glad to see you had a lovely peaceful day. Pssst Waterstones are open tomorrow! x