Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Hart Verdant and All Points East . . .

Good Morning - you're bright and early today; no, the weather doesn't look too promising does it? Now, sit down by the fire and let's get the kettle whistling!

I must away eastward today from luncheon onward; as well as being the final day at the seat of learning before the Yuletide break, today is also my regular visit to see my supervisor in the leafy hamlet of Hart Verdant for tea and empathy . . . as is usual on these occasions I do find it a little tiresome that none of the transport involved links up; for example from here to Hart V is a train and a bus journey away - the train arrives at, say, 12.20  the bus arrives at 12.40 but by foot from the station to my destination is also around 20 minutes so I inevitably end up walking - not that I mind the exercise in good weather but in inclemenecies it can be frustrating to arrive drowned or frozen, the alternative being a draughty wait and the possibility of transport non-arrival!  Anyhow, I'm sure you've heard quite enough on that topic for one day; suffice it to say I shall be booted  - though not necessarily suited -  for my rural ramblings this frosty after-lunch . . .

I had another poor night's sleep which has left me somewhat less than bushy-tailed; I'm not quite able to put my finger on the cause as, unusually, it wasn't down to one of my many ailments . . . the allergenic Ben has been dispatched to a far better place - that is a Weeping Fig plant Ficus benjamina which was, I believe, a contributory factor in my almost constant snuffles - and I felt relaxed and calm but sleep simply evaded me until around four this morning . . . perhaps it is my advanced years? The again I am hardly Father William, am I ?  The upshot of all this is that by around five this evening, whilst deep in the arcane and abstrusely esoteric mysteries of that process known as erudition, my poor old eyes will begin to want to close and the coils of tiredness will envelop me like a  malignant mamba!

A quick glance at the clock tells me that very soon indeed I am going to be chronologically challenged if I don't get a move on so I shall cut this sermon on the Peggy somewhat shorter than is usual and go about my business . . . I may get chance to do a follow-up on my return - if the sledge and dog team aren't too late!

Have a wonderfully warm and snug day!

'til next time

Be Seeing You ! 

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