Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Watching the Wheels . . .

Good Morning Dear Friends and welcome to Wednesday . . .

Today's the day when I troll across eastwards to the seat of learning and attempt to make sense of mine and other people's heads - often, of course, the ones belonging to other folk are much easier to get a grip with and  to understand while ones own thoughts, feelings and motivations can remain a mystery to even the most earnest psycho-sleuth!

I suppose one exception the the rule would be a certain Mr Chapman who, thirty years ago today, deprived the world of a great songwriter but, more importantly, took someone out of a young child's life who could never be replaced. And for what reason? To be famous? I suppose as his victim said "Life is what happens to you when you're busy making other plans" . . . ah me!  It also seems strange that it's thirty years ago already; I was a callow youth; a mere stripling, convinced that I knew everything that I needed to know and was sure the path I would take through life . . . honestly, I was so funny I should have had a summer season in Blackpool!

At that time I was still a musician, I suppose; spending my time like a global gypsy, having fun some of the time . . . I, too, had just lost my father but wouldn't feel the loss for another ten years or so when - as I am very found of saying to my clients - it would suddenly turn around and bite me on the arse ! It is so very curious how loss and bereavement affects different people; those who know little about it personally or professionally are very fond of quoting the five stages of grief as identified by Elizabeth Kübler-Ross which are more or less correct and applicable, but what has to be realised is that not everyone goes through each stage nor in order nor in a standard time-frame, some go back and forth between the stages . . . we are individuals, especially in grief.

But enough of professionalism; I haven't even had breakfast yet and the morning is growing older by the minute! However, I am being naughty by nibbling on a stem ginger biscuit to accompany my glass of water . . . the rock and roll lifestyle, eh!  It appears so far to be quite a reasonable day; another blue sky but less snow than yesterday so maybe my transports of delight will be a tad more reliable, i.e. actually there today! A good friend from the course did offer me a lift as he lives relatively close by but I shall be courageous and brave the station in an effort to remain true to my green principles . . . although I suppose two people in a Mercedes is greener than just one on his own, what do you think?

Anyway, whichever form of conveyance I use I shall have to get a move on and get all my documents in order and so I shall leave you here to browse awhile amongst the dusty shelves . . . in fact you could make yourself really useful and rearrange a few of the motes for me if you so wish . . . no? Oh well, it was worth a try I suppose!

Have a wonderful day; remember what John said and enjoy every minute of it!

'til next time

Be Seeing You !

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