Thursday, 9 December 2010

From Little Acorns . . .

Good Nearly ~ Midnight children - where has the day gone?

I had a late start - well, I had an early start that didn't quite work as I studied the back of my eyelids instead of getting up and about . . . something to do with a peak of exhaustion maybe? Anyhow, having spent the day playing catch-up I now find myself with a mere 30 minutes in which to compose, polish and publish tonight's meagre fayre - whilst coping with a spell check based on the mis-spelling known as American English! 

One nice event today was meeting up withan old friend - well, more accurately a young friend who I have known for some years - and having a delightful chat over tea and muffins in Nero . . . during which I discovered that her mum has launched a specialist T-Shirt business and consequently have had one of my designs sent off to be printed; look out for more to come especially my "Beware of the Easter Bunyip" of which I am inordinately proud!  It could be a whole new lease of life for me and spell a certain freedom for you dear readers - you wouldn't have to read this tripe every day! Actually, I do love producing this offal and, sadly, seem unable to stop doing so, so . . .

As the festive season approaches I'm getting more and more twitchy about possessing a iMac Air; I don't really know why, I just want one!  Maybe it will magickally (intended spelling btw) make my writing more interesting and marvellous . . . no, I don't believe that either!  I just think it looks beautiful and as the old saying goes " A thing of beauty is a joy forever . . . or until they release the new model"!  I shouldn't be so crass really; I have a lovely little Dell note book which is perfectly suited to the purpose, it's just that . . . well, it isn't a Mac and it isn't gorgeously crafted . . . ah me!  The intellect has it sorted but ,once again, the emotions get in the way!  

I suppose I have progressed a long way since the old Remington and Smiths Corona . . . actually, considering it,  my phone - which is not an iPhone 4, but let's not go there - probably has more computing power than the first PC I bought for my company in the early '90's and which cost £4k . . . it would probably cost about £4 today . . . and as for the stuff we used in the late 70's and 80's, ZX81's and Spectrums . . . loading programmes on by cassette, even writing programmes in whatever the language was then, machine code? The lines were numbered in 10's and were full of "if . .. then" statements . . . so long ago! I remember the others as well - Acorns? Like nowadays you could build your own then too - except most of it consisted of soldering bits together!!!

Anyhow, that's enough of tramping down memory lane as I can hear the rumble of the winged chariot bearing down on me . . . just before I go I have to say that I think today saw one of the most disgusting displays of hypocrisy ever in the Palace of Westminster; how some people can sleep with their conscience I do not know.  I shall say no more - but I expect the culprits to report to my office tomorrow after assembly!

I do hope you sleep well and wake refreshed and ready to face the day and whatever it may bring . . . whatever it brings we sing !

'til next time

Be Seeing You !

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