Wednesday, 1 December 2010

...The First Day of December

Good morning Everyone . . . come in from the snowy wastes and warm your cockles by the fire . . .

So, welcome to the very first day of December; may I wish you all weiße Kaninchen; lapins blanc; hvite kaniner; valkoinen kanit; cwningod gwyn; κουνέλια; белые кролики and so forth, or in good plain English "White Rabbits" - a curious salutation to utter, don't you think?

The day has barely begun - officially dawn was at 08.03 - and plans are afoot for the survival of my person should a flurry of snow engulf me and entrap me in its crystal maze . . . here in the Wigwam we have 'heavy snow' forecast for this evening and I am wondering just how many parts of the infrastructure will cease to operate because of it? I think we must be the worst nation on Earth at being prepared for Winter - I'm sure there are bushmen in the Kalahari who have better supplies of grit and road clearing equipment, along with a train service more able to cope with inclemencies than our poor tortured and tortuous one!  Anyhow, what will be will be and whatever that will be it will be interesting!
My plans for today involve very shortly some tea and toast, before which a small wet nose is once again instructing me of my duties; I shall return . . .

. . . as indeed I have! I eventually managed some tea and toast and also a quick look at others blogs including the incredible and awe-inspiring Stephen Fry ( ) which is, as usual, a marvellous read; I really wish I had the turn of phrase he posseses . . .  and a selection of Apple products also wouldn't go amiss . . . I'm sure I would be a much better writer if I were, say, blogging on an iMac Air or a powerbook or even, at a push, an iPad . . . so really it's up to you - if you would like this blog to be fun, witty and entertaining you know what you have to do! You can't say I don't try . . . even if it is just your patience!

And so the morning continues and, through the library window, the clouds piles like sodden blankets above the haha; a pale watery sun is trying to make its presence felt but there is still a chill sneaking around the bottom of the doors - another log on the fire methinks . . . patches of blue appear as if by magic but actually in line with the Met Offices oracle; could they get it right for once? A friend writes that snow is falling in Manchester City Centre . . . hmmm!  May have to rethink the plans - as I have already said I don't mind the weather but I do object to waiting for trains that never arrive . . . but surely there's  no need for such negativity! Let me stride forth into the day with head held high, a positive attitude and some Kendal Mint Cake!

Other plans for the week include a luncheon date with Sister Cate tomorrow - if she isn't snowed in that is!  She lives in a tower at the top of a hill and can be cut off quite easily when it snows; last year she was "well cross" with the isolating isobars and so I hope the pantry is well stocked up with lots of tins this time . . . Friday sees me in Bury with my clients and, with any luck, a brief visit to the art gallery too, to look at Moomin Valley at last . . . and then it has been another week; tempus fugit and we take another slippy step closer to the festive season - and still not a present bought!  My plans seem to be firmly centred around a somewhat solitary but peaceful season of goodwill and the festive beans on toast sounds like a winner to me!  I shall sit in my garret and scribe tales of wonderment and awe - which, let's face it, would be a massive change in direction, so you'll probably get the same old same old  . . . we shall see what the Muses bring . . . best laid plans etc

Meanwhile I must about my business again; it has been lovely to see you again, safe journey home and come back whenever you like . . .  have a lovely first of December!

'til next time

Be Seeing You !

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