Friday, 31 December 2010

Final Words . . .

Good Morning my dear friends and welcome to this, the last one of 2010 . . . 

And where has it all gone you may ask as I have been asking myself; the answer is, as always, fleeting and as difficult to lay hands on as a truculent eel. That ole devil called time is infinitely perplexing and illusory as you will, no doubt, have experienced personally; when involved in something pleasurable the hours simply flash by, whilst the inverse function has been proved true on several million occasions in my brief sojourn so far . . . very puzzling !

Which brings me neatly to the word which I used as the title of yesterday's burnt offering and its etymology; I am convinced that, somewhere in the dim and distant past, I was told that the word "puzzle" had originated in Dublin or some other Irish location in response to a wager concerning the introduction into the language of a new word; in this supposed competition the word was found painted on buildings all over the city and quickly became the subject of much discussion and livid letters to editors of the day . . . however, upon conferring with my friend Mr Google I can find no mention of such a tale - have I been mistaken all these years?  

It could well be worth a quick email to the very knowledgeable and entertaining Michael Quinian whose wonderful  and very amusing site is a must for anyone with a an interest in language - he also publishes a weekly free newsletter which is well - worth a read; it certainly brightens up my Saturday mornings!  Anyhow, I may drop him a line along with some nude ears greets later today . . . in the meantime we shall have to wait and see; if you have an answer or opinion please drop me a line by email or feel free, as always, to comment below!  By the way I have just emailed the saintly Michael and await his reply which I will, of course, pass on as soon as!

Beyond the library window another dawn has -  well, broken is too dynamic a word for it really - sort of coalesced into being and another dim gray twilight day appears to be upon us . . . I believe that, although the sunset for today is around seven and a half hours away, it won't really get much brighter than it is now . . . oh hum, very oppressive;  I shall have to work hard at being positive today . . . and one of the things I am positive about is that I must set about a thorough de-clutter and general sortage of the BPS; I really prefer a very minimalist environment in which to live but slowly the flat has become home for limitless ephemera and objects d'art which, although inspiring, often influence my mind to imitate art and become cluttered and dust laden!  So I intend to attack and be ruthless  . . . which will probably result in five minutes tidying and a few hours looking at pretty things and books I had forgotten . . . tut tut tut!  However, it is at least a plan . . .

Another of which could be a visit the the OD to see how she is feeling; she too suffers from a sort of SADS and benefits from a little cheering up, so that is on the books either for today or possibly the first of next year . . .

But look! A reply from Michael!  How wonderful . . . he is such a gent!  He very tactfully points out that I am thinking of the word "quiz"  rather than puzzle  - of course I am!  Silly  fool -  I'm getting confused in my old age!  He points to a little background on 'quiz' * and gently informs me that my tale of Dublin is "best viewed through the bottom of a glass of something Irish "  So I've been doubly wrong in one paragraph - marvellous and a superb way to bow out of 2010  - probably the same way as I entered it!  At least one small conundrum is answered and yours truly's clayey feet publicly exposed . . .

And so, my dearest friends I shall leave you to the rest of your day and your year; I think all of us reflect a little at this time of endings and beginnings and, like Janus, become two-faced in that we face the past and the future and hover, as it were, on the threshold.  I hope 2010 wasn't too bad for you all and that 2011 doesn't disappoint too greatly . . . No, let me retract that and wish for you all the very best luck, love and light in the forthcoming year . . . I hope to see you darkening my library door very soon indeed!

'til next time

Be Seeing You !



  1. 2010 was much better than 2009, so here's hoping 2011 will break the box office! Happy de-cluttering x

  2. De-cluttering is very good it clears the mind i feel . Love a good clearout , now remember dont bring all that rubbish back to the boutique hahahaha. Happy new year to you and Sal. x