Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Figures in a Landscape

Good Afternoon Everyone . . .

It's a little after three and the light is beginning to  shift and change and prepare to evolve into evening; I spent about one and a half hours this morning crunching around in the snow with Sally, taking photographs, some examples of which decorate this offering and generally getting very chilled indeed - but the sky was the bluest I have seen in the UK for quite a while and the contrast with the snow was wonderful !  However, although the sun is dipping now it has done a fairly good job of ridding us of the white stuff but according to the wizards in the Met office, tonight's temperature could be a rather teeth-chattering -14c  . . . definitely a by-the -fireside evening, especially for old fogeys like myself!
We began our stroll  along the side of the Asland - to see more details I think you can click on the photos to see them in a slightly larger format - on what was our established route . . . this was before the flood alleviation scheme, of which I have spake in earlier blogs, came about and blocked the footpaths leading into the Plantations; now our route is somewhat curtailed unless we fancy a noisy walk along the side of busy roads which, frankly, neither of us do! Of course, no walk with the camera present would be complete without a photo opportunity for Madam . . . I am saying nothing!

I was actually on the phone at the time and so this was taken with one hand, hence the dubious quality! Anyhow we toddled along and saw some beautiful sights . . . it really is totally amazing how much difference a blue sky and snow can make to a very ordinary urban landscape . . . the sun was really beginning to bounce off the snow and the colours were almost alpinbe, though I regret my poor shots don't depict it as well as they could . . . but here's one of some trees near the river which I think looks rather sweet and suitably chilly to reflect the fact that, at this point, I was beginning to lose the feeling in my fingers!

And so we returned to hot tea and toast for me and a rather smelly but decidedly delicious chew thing for herself; and now, as I write in the encroaching gloom she is snoozing and dreaming and waiting for the next outing . . . what a life!

Actually the next outing will be a solo one as I venture forth to find something for supper;  I plan to continue with my OU work, having dipped my toe in and out a couple of times today already, and so I will definitely need a treat after that!  I'm still not exactly sure of the plot of the short story I'm writing for a competition; given that it takes place in Jura and should reflect the local myths and legends I could quite well have my work cut out, but it will be a challenge at least!

Tomorrow I am away to the east and the seat of learning and, at the thought of that, I cast a nervous glance at the notice board near my desk and see, oh joy, an assignment due in eight days . . . hmmm . . . it isn't a deadline as such, more a recommendation . . . we shall have to see about that ! 

I think I should gird my loins, or possibly grid my lions, and be away to the shop for supper . . . I hope your day has been a good one and that your evening expands to encompass every possibility of enjoyment you can imagine !

'til next time

Be Seeing You !


  1. Ah, there's nowt like a walk in crisp, crunchy snow, with blue skies overhead.

  2. Sal says "for goodness sake hurry up, my paws are freezing!" lol x

  3. poor Sal looks like she is in prison lol