Monday, 27 December 2010

Dividing by Zero . . .

Good Morning Dear Friends

It is the day following Boxing Day - does it have a name other than, for this year at least, Monday? Anyhow, here I sit, back in the library where I have been since waking at the very leisurely hour of seven-thirty, fresh from a most peculiar dream which involved me moving long glowing curtains of energy - a bit like aurora borealis  - which I achieved by shifting small beads  within the curtains, like co-ordinate points on a graph . . .   I woke up with the following sentence in my head which may well be the start of a new wee story:

Once upon a time – and just how you define or delineate that time or the number and frequency of occurrences is arbitrary - there lived a scientist . . .

Quite a good start I thought; how it will develop is anyone's guess really, but we shall see . . . I have written quite a few stories and poems from dreams or sometimes used the 'plot' of dreams to inform the way a story develops . . . I suppose it's the modern, healthy version of what writers like De Quincy and Coleridge et al have always done as I avoid the opiates!

It is a decidedly gray day  with a hint of the old precipitation in the air; one can only hope that if it does rain it doesn't freeze over and make life underfoot even more treacherous than normal!  I plan to have a quick zip around the shops today and see what bargains I can't afford before the VAT increases of next week make all my dream products even less attainable . . . when I was talking to my #1 son earlier in the week he was telling me how a large proportion  of his school chums came to school with their laptops and how, in the main, they use them to play games and the number of those who were using iMac Powerbooks was quite significant . . . I was positively verdant with jealousy!  I can only laugh and despair at my foolishness  - you would think I would know better by now, wouldn't you?  Still, I am only human . . . well. nearly . . .

So the festives have been and gone with only the grindingly boring New Years Eve to avoid;  in the past I have been invited to friends houses for fancy dress parties and the like and have, generally, more or less enjoyed them to a degree . . . but I cannot recall the number of times I have walked home alone at some ungodly hour simply to be done with the whole ethos . . . however, I'm sure a lot of you enjoy it it and I would be the last to deny anyone any enjoyment so . . . I hope you gain great satisfaction from the evening;  I shall be spending it quietly and - thankfully - not in the company of Jules Holland who, like Kenneth McKellar and Moira Anderson in my youth, has become in my mind synonymous with the wretchedness of the whole event . . . bah humbug! 

Well, I do sound like an old sourpuss do I not?  Actually, I am in quite a positive frame of mind and looking forward with relish ( but no fries, please) to what 2011 may bring; a whole new vista - or rather OSX one hopes - is spread before me and waiting for me to immerse myself in its warm and unknown waters . . . hmmm!  Curious metaphor!

Anyhow, I hope you have a wonderful day and I shall see you when you return to my humble libris passionibus;  blessings abound on your sweet little heads!

'til next time

Be Seeing You !

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  1. Oh goodness: Kenneth McKellar! Yes, I remember youthful New Year's Eves spent in front of such respectable telly too.

    I don't know whether that was as much that I never got invited anywhere or that my parents had already decided that that was what was appropriate for me.