Tuesday, 14 December 2010

The Clock Struck Six . . .

It is six o'clock one evening towards the end of  Autumn.  The night is cold and sharp with a frosted sky promising a deeper chill to come. The shape of a building can be discerned against the clear starlit sky. Through the surrounding trees and bushes a light is suddenly seen as, inside a room which is plainly the library, lamps are lit and the sound of the news is heard from a radio somewhere deep in the bowels of the building. In the garden, just beyond the pool of light spilling from the windows and down onto the lawn, a hedgepig, late from his rest in the depth of the laurel bushes, snuffles and searches for the last of the available food whilst keeping a wary weather-eye on the goings -on inside the room.  A figure, possibly a man, is seen to cross before the lighted windows and draw the curtains together, sealing off the room from the night and the allowing the hedgepig to wander closer and cautiously sniff the air.

Within the room, the lamps yellow glow is suddenly joined by the blue florescence of a computer screen as the man sits at a desk, places his hands upon the keyboard and begins to type . . .

Hello dear friends and welcome once again to my humble home; it is a chilly night with a promise of more to come towards the weekend I believe, in fact I did hear on the radio - in a shop somewhere this afternoon, that we are to expect around twelve or so days of snow, thus increasing the probability of a white Christmas which, if memory serves me correctly, we had last year, did we not?

It will no doubt disrupt the few travel plans I have - in the main sorting out the Old Duchess who is causing me no little concern with her lethargy and general out-of-sortsness; it could well be a case of a combination of the Winter Blues and her advanced years . . . nonetheless, it is a tad worrying and so I'm spending some of the week trying to sort out all the little things that, if done, should make her feel a little more contented with life . . . I hope!

Today has been somewhat leisurely in terms of work completed, but I did manage to persuade Sally to have a bath before we went out on our perambulation today; she came out clean and fluffy whilst the BPS resembles a part of the 3rd class steerage quarters on the Titanic only with slightly more water damage!  Once fully dry we set out to see those lovely twins of evil in the boutique where Sal was treated to some doggy snacks and I was given a  cup of tea - mine own I have to say - and then spent what seemed like several hours folding raffle tickets . . . it was, one supposes, my good deed for the year . . . hmmm!

I must admit I got very cross this morning; whilst this blog is not normally a place where I sound off about things of import in the wider world I have to say that, on this occasion, I am going to have to! It began when I read a tweet from the lovely Sally Bercow regarding an interview on the BBC with a protester form the student demonstrations last week. The student, Jody McIntryre, suffers from Cerebral Palsy and was shown being manhandled from his wheelchair by police and dragged across the street in a totally unnecessarily violent way.  This would have made me cross enough but it was the attitude taken by the interviewer Ben Brown that was, in my opinion, vile and totally unconscionable.

Mr Brown accused Jody of threatening the police by "rolling" his wheelchair at them and being a "threat" and went on to demean the poor chap in such an appalling way. I have never before heard such biased and provocative interviewing and, to be very honest, it made me very angry and embarrassed.  I can only advise you to watch the clip at on Youtube  at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tXNJ3MZ-AUo&feature=youtu.be  - I have also embedded it below this blog - and make up your own mind.  I personally think that the BBC should reprimand Ben Brown and an apology be given.

There! You must excuse me for that but I believe it is so very, very wrong.  

And now for the rest of the evening . . . it feels very much like one for sitting by the fire and reading; please feel free to join me if you so wish, otherwise I bid you a very pleasant one and may you enjoy fully whatever fills your glass and your time.

'til next time

Be Seeing You !

 PS: The offending video . . .

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