Sunday, 5 December 2010

A Bite of Supper . . .

Hello dear friends . . . just a brief wordette or two before Beddington calls . . .

Like  lots of people on FaceBook I changed my profile picture to a favourite cartoon character this weekend; it was supposed to show support for organisations who are against the abuse of children - I actually did it to show my favourite little character . . .

However, then I read a post from someone claiming that the whole thing was a trap set up by "a group of paedophiles" in order to lure in children; I asked the poster for proof of this which, of course, was conspicuous by its absence; instead they replied "Well, they wouldn't say they were paedophiles, would they?" which is the most stunning piece of logic I've encountered this weekend . .  .

So anyway, I've decided to post my friend Moomintroll here because I can and because I find him very adorable and because I can't wait to be accused of being the Child Snatcher for doing so . . . It seems that when one goes on-line, it's a prerequisite to leave behind your brain and any powers of reasoning one may have acquired over the years . . . ah me!

Anyhow, here's Moomintroll in all his glory as depicted by the very lovely Tove Jannson.

I firmly believe that he lives within us all; he is kind and considerate, sometimes gets into trouble and is even angry on occasions but he is governed by an innate sense of what should be and a modicum of nous  . . . an exceptionally rare quality these days, especially in the virtual world!

I hope you sleep well and that, whichever bogey man the world throws at you, you are able to look and consider and dismiss as just another particularly poor story by  wolf-callers who should know better!

'til next time

Be Seeing You !

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