Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Wörter aus einem Raum zu mir kommen, in einem Traum . . .*

Good Morning everyone! do help yourself to breakfast; Cook tells me the devilled kidneys are particularly satanic this morning . . . no, I'll refrain if it's all the same to you - it's a vegetarian life-style thing, y'know . .

And so this morning saw a pre-dawn stumble - hardly a walk at that time of the night/day  - across the river and into the trees for young Sal and myself. As we walked the dawn began to seep  through the slowly denuded canopy, leaving the sky behind looking not unlike a lovingly cooked fillet of salmon and I tried to remember if the old weather-saw about "Red sky at morning, shepherd's house on fire" was ever true . . . so who knows what the day will bring in a meteorological sense anyway . . . in practical terms, as I said in last night's post, I have a supervisory session with the delightful Christine who refrains from slapping her hands to her forehead in dismay or nervously wringing them too explicitly whilst I explain my dealings with clients . . . and then it's off to the sedes sapientiae that has been my home on Wednesday evening for the last couple of years and which, if truth be known, I will be sad to leave next summer . . . however, that particular parting is far away and much and many adventures await us all between now and then  . . . life does, of course, rather enjoy inserting the odd slip 'twixt cup and lip and it really doesn't do to set much store by plans of mere mortal men or mus musculus !

As I write I ponder the wisdom of pausing to make some tea ; a break in the writing process inevitably involves becoming entangled in some other pressing matter and the thread, once broken, is a bugger to get back through the eye of the needlessly neglected needle with its many frayed ends requiring severe determination and resolve - but then, considering the absolute balderdash I've just written - and bearing in mind I don't think I've ever written the word "Balderdash" before  - I think it might turn out to be a Not Bad Thing; be back in the very tickiest of mo's . . .

And here I am; some 12 minutes later having sorted out not only my cup of tea and a couple of slices of toast but also the remnant's of Dr T's famous chilli sin carne for consumption 'pon my return this eve - how fantastically organised am I? Well, to be honest, the answer is, sadly, not very! The word count I needed to keep up to ensure the completion of my novel in a month ( see previous post from 31st October) is nowhere near being met  and the chances of me managing the said task are looking decidedly under-fed (which, sadly, is not a statement I could make about myself with any hint of honesty)at this moment in time - still, ne'er say die, eh!  Somehow, a couple of gewürtzspekulatius have managed to inveigle their way into my close circle and are helping the morning detox to slip down my lovely throat ever so gently!

But back to words . . . as you can probably gather I do love the lithe eel-like qualities they possess; the way they can brashly brassily jingle-jangle with discord and then, switch to smooth silky suaveness within a blink of an I,  avoiding unctuousness en route one hopes! 
I suppose it's why I like languages too; the absurdity of some words and phrases when viewed through the equally absurd sense of 'Englishness' of which I am, being of Irish descent, justifiably so proud, thrills and alarms me with equal measure!  And that is why, one supposes, that this blog continues day after day; the love of language and, of course dear readers, love for you!

It is already Nine of the clock and I must to my business forthwith attend; I hope you have a spectacularly fantabulous day and may any troubles you do have to contend with, be at least worthy of recounting in an amusing manner afterwards!

'til next time
Be Seeing You !

* without being overly boastful the above came to me in a flash as I was considering which title to give this post . . . am I the last Universal Man I ask myself? Well, no . . . 


  1. Vona að þið hafið góðan dag við eftirlit og í framhaldsskóla. Vara að hugsa um fátæku gömlu, flensa fyllt náungi bloggist sem skáhalli skrifa í augnablikinu!

  2. Am i supposed to be able to read that title lol .

  3. balderdash - now there's a word to bring back into fashion, along I think with pshaw and pah.

  4. btw the literal translation of the above to English leaves a little to be desired!

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  6. I shall try again!

    Thank you Dante; I recognised it as Icelandic gut had to use google! hahaha!

    Twinkle: yes you are! I shall come to the shop and give you lessons!

    Muesli: I couldn't agree more! I also like Nincompoop and bozzimacoo! :)

    Thank you to all who comment on here - you make an old man very happy! :) ॐ