Monday, 15 November 2010

Sleepers, Awaken . . .

Welcome to a twisty misty Monday Morning; do come inside and shake the clouds from your coat and the dew from your boots . . . that's right, make your way to the library, where tea and  some form of comestibles await, I'm sure  . . .

And so another week begins and what does it hold in store?  Well, I'm having a re-vamp of the technological capabilities here which begins tomorrow with a wee bit of kit arriving and then continues on Thursday with some more - nothing earth-shattering but enough to ensure a continued and cheery service from your own servant throughout the Winter months which are just around the corner . . . a mere 36 days to the Solstice and the start of the season proper! 

Today should be OD's meet-up and trundle round town day but I'm not sure of her plans as of yet  - her hip has been giving her a  bit of trouble and its performance is not likely to be improved by the damp conditions without . . . however, a dear friend has come to the rescue by offering the use of her car for the day which means I can get over to the stately pile and take her out maybe?  We shall see.  Living in the BPS in the heart of this thriving me-trollops I can't normally justify (or afford!) to run a car but with the OD getting slightly less keen to lepp on and off the omnibus it may be a situation I need to review . . . sadly, since I can't afford a Prius or anything even remotely eco-friendly it does go against my beliefs about car-ownership . . . ah well, if life teaches us anything it is that compromise, whilst not exactly a dirty word, is one that may be whispered in times of need!

For the rest of the time this week I shall be availing myself of -  and throwing myself upon the mercies of - public transport; this includes on Wednesday my regular jaunt to the seat of learning and on Friday over to Bury to meet with some of the nicest clients a chap could ever wish for . . .

It is amazing how the week becomes filled; it's a little after 8am and already I'm busy up to 6pm Friday and I'm sure more little appointments will sliver like silver sardines into my diary . . .  along with all of this I do have a not inconsiderable amount of reading to do - mainly concerning chimpanzee behaviour this week which is somewhat bizarre - and of course Mr Waterstone still awaits my reviews - oops!  I am some way into the first one which is "The Glass Rainbow" by James Lee Burke but have a feeling that I may need to stop this and read "Lyrics Alley" by Leila Aboulela which is published on the 10th December I think and so needs a review before then . . . ah me!

On the subject of reading may I take this opportunity to thank my regular readers who, although they may not always leave comments publicly, make their presence felt in other ways; I have received comments with regard to spelling in this blog -  which is one of my own particular bêtes noires !  Despite being very friendly and easy to use, Blogger (this site) unfortunately uses an American English dictionary which I can't seem to change, therefore it corrects or suggests corrections as I type, most of which I manage to 'uncorrect' as it were in order to render them into a passable form of English but some do slip through and for those I apologise and thank you for you assistance in rooting and rootling out these colonial imposters!  (It doesn't even recognise the word "imposters"!)  Keep up the good work!

As an aside I must say how moving the Cenotaph service was yesterday; I saw many old friends and missed a few who will no longer grace the occasion with their presence . . . it was a lovely day with only a slight shower now and again, certainly not enough to dampen the ardour of the assembly . . . I also enjoyed getting tangled up in the official procession on my way there!  I came scootling around the corner of Hewlett St as the procession was about to start and bumped into a crowd of people standing in silence, a couple of who I knew.  We exchanged nods and smiles and I  stood and thought "As soon as the silence ends I'll sneak off on my way again" . . .  I then realised I was standing with the official dignitaries and was about to step into line behind the Mayor etc . . . I nodded my goodbyes and disappeared into the distance with some, if not indecent, haste!  The good thing about the British is I could easily have walked along and joined in without anyone daring to say anything - unless a buffet tea is involved then they do get very territorial!

Anyhow, looking through the library window it seems the fog has lifted and a lovely blue sky fills my view; I am away to my toilette and thence to pick up the OD for our meet.  Following a telephone conversation I have learned that she is feeling much better today and feels up to a sojourn in Nero (which she unfailingly refers to as Zero) after all . . .  So I wish you all a lovely Monday and I hope to see you all here again tomorrow.  Please feel free to leave a comment about anything you read on this blog; all are welcome and encouraged as are donations of any filthy lucre you may feel would benefit a poor struggling artiste such as myself . . . hmmm . . . maybe not, eh!

'til next time

Be Seeing You !

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  1. Glad to hear Mrs M is feeling better, have a lovely day x