Sunday, 28 November 2010

"Remember George, No man is a failure who has friends." *

A very good and unseemly early morning to you all!

I'm afraid the bug-a-boos from the previous post conspired to awaken me at about 5.30am and thus, one hour later, I am sitting at my keyboard, tip-tapping my way into another day and another brief message to you, dear readers, who, I fervently hope, are still well away in the land of dreams rather than the chilly frost-bedecked world which I am currently inhabiting.  In a moment or two I shall see if it  is possible to extract a certain member of the household from deep within my duvet for a matutinal meander amongst the ice floes - although I must admit my keenness is not that, well, keen!

I had an incredibly difficult night's sleep, filled with the kind of dreams that have an almost hallucinogenic quality to them and are so incredibly complex that one feels one must take notes whilst experiencing them just in case there is an exam at the end! To even begin to describe them now would be to descend into madness and that, surely, is not a good way to start the day? No, I didn't think it was!  

So what does the day offer? Besides an extended opportunity to be awake, it should also give me the chance to catch up on the necessary reading and associated whatnots of the OU course - normally I would devote most of Tuesday to this activity but as I am tied up on this Monday in Bury which is normally when I meet up with the Duchess, I have had to dedicate this Tuesday to her; the work has to be done at some point and so the day of rest becomes the day of reading the rest of the stuff . . . I do sometimes wonder at the amount of things I become involved in; but then I suppose there are many worse ways of frittering away one's existence . . . aren't there?

Other aspects of the day include a little light relief when the strain of being learned becomes too much in the form of that most well-established of British Sunday customs - I refer, of course, to retail therapy and the joy of being trampled by folk intent on giving away their life savings in the name of Christmas . . . I think my festive season is going to be a quiet and fairly solitary one this year - excepting of course for my four-legged friend - and I am looking forward to it in someways and yet, in others, it could be quite daunting . . . still, one makes what one must out of the situation and I suppose I can spend the time getting to know my iMac Air better . . . oh wait! That was in the dream wasn't it? How very disappointing . . . ah me!

I do recall one of the happiest Christmases I spent alone was in the mid Seventies when I ate a hearty lunch of beans on toast and watched what seemed to be an afternoon of Abba on TV! In an aberration which has so far failed to respond to any medication, I do consider Abba to be one of the finest pop-music-manufacturing outfits of all time! I'm not sure if you recall but I did spend a goodly amount of my younger years as a muso -  both writing and performing  - and I recall reading about their Polar Studios set up in Stockholm and being intensely jealous; it had something like 64 track quad recording at a time when I was struggling with two-track mono . . . all of this was in the days before digital when music was recorded on tape and physically cut up to edit etc . . . nowadays I would have thought 64 tracks was available free with cornflakes, how the world has changed!

I think that, besides the music which was crafted excellently, the main aspect of Abba that forced itself upon my attention was the underlying sadness; there was that thread of peculiarly Scandinavian angst running through the warp and weft of their world that really appealed to me and, to be honest, appeals to me still . . . hence my joy in all things Scanda from Abba to Bergmann, Ikea to Nesbo and my keenness to visit Jansonn's Moomin Valley on Monday!  

Whoops! a small, cold, wet nose snuffling like a truffle hunter informs me that it is indeed time to force the outer world upon ourselves and venture forth into the great freeze!  I may be gone some time . . . but I hope not!

Brrr!  Despite 3 layers of fleece, scarf hat and gloves it has taken less than twenty minutes  to do a round trip - even Sal was less than brave with the sub-zeros . . . the thermometer outside the kitchen window which is wildly inaccurate and, having a sunny disposition, always errs on the generous side, is currently reading -5c so it may indeed be down to -8 or so . . .  time for tea, toast and Tove for a gentle read before the real work of the day begins!  J hope you have a wonderful day - and if all else fails you can watch "It's a Wonderful Life" and get all slushy and sentimental . . . hmmm!  Not a bad idea!

'til next time

Be Seeing you !

* Let's have a google-free competition! A wonderful prize awaits the first comment correctly identifying this quote! :)


  1. A wonderful life , James Stewart i like that film but i always have to watch Dickens Christmas Carol at this time of year , lots of different versions even the muppets one hahaha.

  2. Hope you enjoyed the retail therapy, it's my favourite pastime lol!

  3. Twinklestar has won the prize! :)