Saturday, 13 November 2010

O! For a Muse of Fire, that would Ascend the Brightest Heaven of Invention !

Good Morning Everyone!

So glad you could come over at such short notice . . . still, at least the weather's somewhat better than of late, don't you think?

Following a period of distinct downness I'm feeling a tad more positive today;  maybe a swing up for mania, who can tell ? But whatever the cause ,the effect is that I feel as though I can face the word afresh, as it were.  I've just encountered a short video clip called Timescape: Raptures which I intent to embed - as my techie friends would say - in or on this blog so you can all have a look; it's rather beautiful and reminds me why I got the urge to create in the first place when I was, I think, around 5 years old . . .

I was a small solitary chap, very fond of books, and one particular time I had an Andy Pandy annual - not normally the most soul-stirring muse known to man - however, on this particular occasion I was reading it one winter's day, must have been around Christmas I suppose, and I came across an illustration that literally changed my life.

If you are familiar with the genre you will be aware that the story centres around a strangely clad male-child and his favourite teddy bear; in this illustration they were each kneeling on a toy box/ window seat looking out of a large window at the night sky.  The sky was beginning to fill with snowflakes and I was mesmerised!  Given the financial state of my upbringing and the only-just-post-austerity conditions in the UK at that time I sure it was a cheap and badly produced piece of artwork but it absolutely took my breath away!  I was consumed with the desire and need to make something as beautiful as this and affect people the same way it had me;  over the years this has taken me through music, theatre, lighting and show design, film-making and, of course, writing -always wanting to recreate the magic feeling and, sadly, never quite succeeding - although, in a positive frame of mind, I can say at least I keep on trying!

So when I see something that excites me in the same way I have to share it - so here is the film . . . I shall draw the shades in the library and let you watch it while I toddle off to fix damage caused by the recent gustinesses at the Old Duchess' Stately Pile!

Have a wonderful day and I hope you enjoy the magic

'til next time
Be Seeing You !

ps: May I suggest you pop along to Vimeo to view it in all its glory - this projector seems a little slow and creaky!


  1. What an excellent piece of film, and the projector worked fine.

  2. That was great to watch , very magical.